Sunday, February 21, 2010

{an exciting find}

Have you ever looked in your favorite magazine and thought to yourself, ‘Why can’t I find similar styles of furniture to what I see in these pics??’ I personally always feel this way! I was lying in bed looking through the March issue of Style at Home (great issue!), and I came across a little mirrored side table that I fell in love with (in the far corner with the chrome lamp on it, I even excitedly pointed it out to my half asleep husband):

Isn’t that room gorgeous? I especially love the punches of blue. After seeing that cabinet I thought to myself, I can never find neat items like that at a reasonable price! The amazing thing was that the very next day I happened to be scoping out what was new at HomeSense, and right when I walked in the door, it hit me in the face!!! What a great find, I couldn’t believe how much it resembled the table I had drooled over just the night before. If you live in the Vancouver area, I believe the table could still be findable (it comes in black, white, silver, or orange), and it is 250 dollars, probably a fraction of the price of the one in the magazine. I also got inspired by another Style at Home issue from nearly two years ago that featured a gorgeous room done by Sarah Richardson. Her room showcased these super cute little tufted chairs you can see are very similar to the ones I found. The pretty little pillows I have sitting on my chairs were sewn for me by my wonderful and talented friend Laura. Check out the gorgeous vintage buttons she found!

Sarah's Room:

I now need to pick the perfect accessories for the table, I just put a lamp I already had on top for now, although I really like the chrome-based lamp in the magazine pic. But I also think I need to add something with color.

Any tips on what accessories would look great on this cabinet? I would love to hear your suggestions. Hope you have a wonderful week!


Nick said...

Great work, I love your choices of furniture! Btw, I noticed the Chad Rogers karate chop style on the pillow. Nice Touch :)

Nancy Marcus Gueret said...

Ha ha! Yes, I do love to karate chop my pillows 'Chad Rogers style' :) He does know a thing or two about decor!

Anonymous said...

nothing feels better (or looks better!) than a great HomeSense find!

Nice Work!


Anonymous said...

PS. as for the books on top. Definitely a larger lamp (ie with a bigger footprint). Some stacked boxes in different colours (maybe buy some wood ones at Ikea and spray them a couple colours that would work in your room?). Fresh flowers always work wonders too :)


Nancy Marcus Gueret said...

Thanks Karla, those are some great tips :) The sprayed boxes idea is great, I love some of the sprays you can find that resemble lacquered finishes. I will be sure to update you on what I find!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Nice find! It's gorgeous! x

the Simply Inspired Home said...

I have been wondering where you found the cabinet! Great find. Home sense is rockn' the arm chairs right now!

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