Sunday, February 28, 2010

{field trip: lottery show home}

We took a little field trip to a lottery home in White Rock a few weeks back. The interior design was done by Kelly Deck. It was a great house and I took a few pics of some of my favorite ideas. I am always drawn to moldings and paneling, and there was a great example of a simple but impactful paneling on the walls in a grid, I have always wanted to do something like this as a feature wall in my dinning room:

This was in the basement believe it or not, which led to a gorgeous guest bedroom that was nice enough to be the master bedroom:

I think the paneling could be too much if it was all over in a not so large room, but a feature wall or two could be quite nice! And I bet this could probably be an inexpensive project if you used strips of MDF. Then, just about 500 hours of careful measuring, and a quick lick of paint and you’re done! Hmmm, maybe I can convince my husband…. :)


Anonymous said...

Love grid panelling, haven't convinced my husband either that its a good idea :) "Just a weekend project honey"...

You were in my neighborhood!! You gotta drop by for coffee next time, or better yet we can hit Starbucks and you can bring me along to checkout the lottery homes too! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog Nancy! I love the photos and all your ideas. Now can you come help me re-design my house? :)


Nancy Marcus Gueret said...

What a wonderful offer Karla! I would love to meet up at a Starbucks next time a lottery home pops up! Let's both watch out for one and plan it. The latest one in South Surrey that is on right now (I think the Children's Hospital?) was a bit of a disappointment to me...did you happen to see it? The layout of the home itself was a bit weird, but never the less it always makes for a fun afternoon! Maybe if we are lucky Sarah Richardson will come do another one!

Thanks Heather for checking out my blog! This is a very fun new hobby for me and I have been enjoying it so far!! Thanks for taking a peek :)

Vanessa said...

I love the grid panelling. You're right - lots of measuring but so worth it in the end!

DesignTies said...

I love grid paneling too, and I was able to convince hubby to add it to our living room and dining room :-) Both rooms already had a chair rail, so we added the grid paneling below the chair rail and created wainscoting.

It's really simple to do -- the hardest part is figuring out the dimensions of the squares. I gave that job to hubby :-) Then it's just a matter of measuring and cutting strips of MDF to the right lengths, attaching them to the wall with some glue and a nail gun, then prime and paint. The priming & painting is a bit tedious, but so worth it in the end :-)


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