Saturday, February 27, 2010

{tufted headboard}

Tufted headboards have been all the rage for a couple of years now, and I really love how they create such a tailored and classic look. I was on the hunt for one last year and came across several gorgeous beds in various magazines. Below you can see examples from Hickory Chair ($5500), Restoration Hardware ($2855), and Crate and Barrel ($1500) (left to right):

Here’s another pretty example in a room featured in Style at Home:

These beds are fabulous, but they were all a bit outside of my budget! So low and behold, I found a steal of a deal at none other than Costco! The headboard we bought is actually still available online at either in Canada or in the States. Keep in mind it is not a whole bed as some of the examples above are, but the headboard alone is only $339.99, and you can really create the same look!

Here you can see the headboard in our master bedroom, I would show you the whole room but it is very much a work in progress!! Our bedding is from The Bay, it is from the House & Home collection by Lynda Reeves. I absolutely love Moorish tile prints, so I had to have some pillows with that pattern. I have no bedroom furniture yet, but maybe I will do a wishlist soon to show you what I envision.

Below is a room designed by Sarah Richardson for a lottery home in Vancouver that I actually found after I chose this headboard! Sarah...I think we are soul-sisters :)

Don't these pics just make you want to curl up with a good book? Have a happy and cozy Saturday evening :)


Anonymous said...

Love it friend :) Your bed looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful, love those Moroccan-inspired pillows! Target is also awesome for upholstered headboards in a variety of silhouettes for fab prices!


Nancy Marcus Gueret said...

Thanks guys! Hopefully the whole bedroom will look good soon!

Karla, thanks for a great tip, I am going to check out Target's website... :)

Laura said...

thanks for scouting out the great deal @ Costco Nancy, I can't wait for mine to should be here tomorrow! they're quite fast at the whole process, I must say I am impressed. :)

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Great post...I will be looking for a headboard this is PERFECT & affordable! :)

Jen Ramos

Victoria Bellow said...

These beds are awesome!the bed linens and pillows too.It's simple and looks elegant Bedroom! Headboard is gorgeous! thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Great information!

I had been researching headboards, trying to figure out where to buy one, and what I could expect to pay.

I found someone locally who builds beautiful custom upholstered headboards, and thought I would share., AMP Upholstery in Toronto

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