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{5 bathroom trends}

My own home’s bathrooms are far from renovated, so I often catch myself staring at our cupboards/countertops/tiles/etc, daydreaming about what I would love to do in a bathroom. A bathroom reno is not going to be happening for me any time soon, but…hey, a girl can dream! These are photos I will be filing away until that day comes! I find I am definitely drawn to a clean and crisp white palette, so here are some photos of spaces that inspire me. These are my top 5 favorite trends in bathrooms right now:

1. Sconces 'in' mirrors: I LOVE when light fixtures are embedded in a large vanity mirror, so glam, and it really creates a custom feel.

via Canadian House & Home

via Style at Home

2. Furniture piece as a vanity: Whether it's actually a piece being given a second life as a vanity, or a brand new piece made to look like a retrofitted dresser, I have been loving this look! Who doesn’t want a little art deco glamour in the bathroom?

via Sarah Richardson Design Inc

via Style at Home

3. Art in the bathroom: Best idea ever! Why do we think we need to be hanging pictures of bathtubs in a bathroom?? To remind us which room we are in, in case we forget? I’m a big fan of the thought that the pieces in your bathroom should flow with the other artwork displayed in your home.

via Style at Home

via Style at Home

4. Giant showers and free-standing tubs: This has been a trend for a while now, and is still going strong.

via Sarah Richardson Design Inc

via Sarah Richardson Design Inc

via Sarah Richardson Design Inc

5. A dressing/vanity area: Yah, you heard right...AREA! Okay so this probably isn’t the easiest thing to fit into the average-size master bathroom, but what an amazing idea.

via Style at Home

Jmac & Kennedy Interiors via House of Turquoise
I drool over all of these spaces! Did I miss any bathroom trends you’re loving right now?


DesignTies said...

Oh, if only I could tear out our bathrooms and start from scratch!!! LOVE all five of these trends, especially the scones in the mirror.

My dream bathroom would have a big glass shower with no door -- one less thing to clean!!

I think little corner showers with doors running on tracks that are impossible to clean should be banished.

I don't know if it's a trend per se, but I love it when people go dramatic in their powder rooms by painting them dark or hanging amazing wallpaper. It's usually such a small space, why not take a chance and do something bold and different :-)


Lisa Goulet said...

Such beautiful bathrooms I love them all! This is so timely! I am just getting ready to do a post on my powder room as I just purchased a vintage mahogany dresser this weekend to turn into the bathroom vanity. I am now shopping for a sink, faucet & mirror to complete it. Check out my blog for pics soon! Thanks for the inspiration photos!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I think you got it right, i definitely agree with art in the bathroom.

AB HOME Interiors said...

All beautiful! Bathrooms are such wonderful spaces.

thelennoxx said...

Oh, these bathrooms are all so beautiful! I would love to have any of them in my own home =)

DesignTies said...

I LOVE that painting over the tub... the colours are so fantastic in and bold in that mostly-white space! But let's not forget the floor tile in that bathroom... FAB!

I love bathroom remodels. Love them!! We have 2 in our house that we'll be doing eventually (well... one of them doesn't exist yet!), but they'll be too small to add some of your must-haves... although I wish I could have a separate tub & shower AND a designated vanity area!

Oh... and before I forget... how wonderful is that mega huge mirror in the first image you've shared... goes below the vanity to the base board! Decadent!!


Vanessa said...

Great post Nancy! Had to laugh at your comment about hanging pictures of bathtubs in bathrooms -so true.

Nancy Marcus Gueret said...

Kelly - I hear you on the sliding glass doors that are impossible to clean!! My fav out of these 5 trends is the sconces in the mirror as well :) And I agree with you about a dramatic wallpaper in a powder room, I always think that a powder room should be like a little jewelry box waiting to be discovered by visitors!

Lisa - I can't wait to check out how your vintage mahogany dresser turns out! Sounds like it is going to be fab!

Victoria - I know, that floor tile is nuts, don't you love the herringbone tile in the shower of that same bathroom? My bathrooms are also much too small for most of these ideas. But that's ok, they'll be kept for future inspiration! And yes, that first pic is my fav... that large mirror to the floor, I die!

Amy E. Strodl said...

Am dying over the bathroom with the punchy artwork over the tub!

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