Thursday, March 25, 2010

{fashion meets interior design}

Let’s face it, more often than not, the fashion world and the world of interior design collide. And what a match made in heaven! I have to admit I have a minor obsession with the house of Chanel, and when I first saw the photos of fashion insider Hilary Kelley’s home, it had such a similar glamorous sensibility. In 1921, Coco Chanel created Chanel No. 5, in its famous white case edged with black (her two favorite colors), and Karl Lagerfeld took this same scheme for the new decoration of the Haute Couture showrooms in 2002 (Photo from the book ‘Chanel’ by Assouline):

Hilary Kelley renovated her 1959 Toronto condo into a modern yet glamorous beauty. Black and white reign in every room (with a few touches of brown). You can see below, fashion photography is the focal point in the dining room (Photos via Style at Home):

Who doesn’t love the glamour of mirror? Check out this mirrored backsplash in the kitchen!

An ode to Chanel: Hilary framed an invitation to a Chanel fashion show by her bedside. Gorgeous! This could totally be a do-it-yourself project!

I love that the parquet floor was kept and stained dark:

My interpretation of how to get this look: Tons of white with a touch of black and brown (to keep it warm), chrome, glass, mirror, leather, hides, artwork, and furniture with straight lines! Isn’t the result quite stunning? Maybe this is as close as you could get to living inside of a Chanel atelier!?!


Anonymous said...

I love that framed Chanel invite too...yes, totally a DIY, though I can't say I have many Chanel fashion show invites around, darn it! :)

My favorite thing about Chanel (besides the black and white?) has to be the monogram. Gorgeous and classic and timeless.My own company monogram was totally and completely inspired by it.


DesignTies said...

Oooh-la-la, so totally glam -- LOVE IT!! I really like how the black & white colour scheme is warmed up with the dark brown parquet floor and hide rugs (although I'm kind of opposed to using real cow hide).

The cool thing is that even though it's totally glam, it looks totally livable too :-)


DesignTies said...

P.S. We have an award for you over on our blog :-)


Susan said...

I just stopped by to say hi my fellow nominee, that's you. You have a fabulous blog.

I adore the black and white rooms. The rooms you posted are all so very pretty and posh. I enjoyed looking at them. Very inspiring.

qerat said...

Beautiful Rooms and a beautiful elegant blog too.
Thank you for stopping by qerat. Look forward to seeing you there often and will defenitely be visiting your blog regularly.

{g} said...

goodness! the second image is especially beautiful

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