Sunday, March 28, 2010

{thanks for the award!}

Yesterday I was excited and honored to receive my very first blog award from the lovely ladies over at DesignTies! What a nice surprise...Kelly and Victoria are two wonderful and talented Canadian designers with an amazing blog that has been a great inspiration to me. I love to read about what they are working on, both for clients and in their own homes. Thank you both so much for the ongoing support, its blog friends like you that make blogging worth it! They nominated several blogs and were themselves recipients of this Beautiful Blogger award, so congrats to you girls as well!

If you haven't yet checked out their beautiful blog, I would really encourage you to head over and see some of their amazing work! (Click on the photo). I know I will be checking out the other award recipients' blogs as well, congrats to you all! It's always fun to discover blogs I haven't yet stumbled upon. Thank you again Kelly and Victoria!


DesignTies said...

You're very welcome :-) We're so happy we discovered your beautiful blog, and we love to support our fellow Canadians :-)

Thank YOU for your kind words about DesignTies :-)


Donna @ dh designs said...

Congrats to you Nancy! Thanks for your comment and adding me to your blogroll! I love what I've read so far.

Maria Killam said...

Yaay! Congrats. . . and thanks for your note about the style at home quote (I'm waiting with bated breath for mine to arrive as I haven't seen it yet)!

Rachel said...

thanks so much for your compliment on my blog. and congrats on your award nomination, as well! I've just started reading your blog, and really enjoy what I've read so far- keep up the great work (love the before and afters, BTW)

thelennoxx said...

Your home is crazy gorgeous! Thank you for the nice comment, I am really happy I discovered your blog =) And congratulations on the blog award =D I've added your blog to my regular read!!


Vanessa said...

Congrats on the award Nancy!

Amy said...

Yay! Can't wait to see your selections to pass it along to!

Nancy Marcus Gueret said...

Thanks for the all the kind words everyone! Amy, I agree, I am excited to pass this award on! So hard for me to choose, there are so many great blogs out there!!

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