Thursday, May 13, 2010

{the color purple}

I’ve felt like purple has become a staple in my wardrobe in the passed couple of years, and I think you’d all agree that purple has been on the scene for the last few seasons. I’ve even heard someone declare, ‘Purple is the new black!’ Purple is often associated with royalty…did you know it is thought to have been the favorite color of Egypt’s Cleopatra? (I’m Egyptian, so that got me excited!). I am loving all of its shades: aubergine, violet, lavander, lilac, plum, mauve, and eggplant to name a few! Here are a few amazing interiors that include everything from a dash, to a full out punch of purple! These images have got me believing purple reins!!

via Sky Interiors

The gorgeous guest bedroom below belongs to Kelly over at DesignTies. Don't you love the Graham & Brown wallpaper? You can read all about her room transformation by clicking here.

via DesignTies

via theLennoxx

via Inside Design Co

via Beautiful Living

via Elle Decor

via Domino

Some lovely items I’ve come across:

Damask bedding (Target $24.99-99.99), Teardrop vase (Target $34.99), Volant table lamp (Bellacor $123.30), Naudia tufted chair (Pier 1 $119.00), Purple chaise (Target $499.99), Solid pillow (Crate & Barrel $39.95), Callum pillow (Bobby Berk Home $24.00), and Chloe lamp (Zgallerie, $139.00).

Have a wonderful Friday!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

In Italy it's considered bad luck but I don't believe in that cause I really love purple.
Some historical facts for the royalty connotations:
- quote
Porphyrogenitos (πορφυρογέννητος) - "born-in-the-purple": Emperors wanting to emphasize the legitimacy of their ascent to the throne appended this title to their names, meaning they were born in the delivery room of the imperial palace (called the Porphyra because it was panelled with slabs of purple marble), to a reigning emperor, and were therefore legitimate. Example (with more context): Constantine VII "

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

I love love love that last picture of the velvet sofa and damask wallpaper! Don't you miss Domino mag? :(

So gorgeous!! I love purple too......just wondering how I can sneak a little into our already-too-girly home ;)

DesignTies said...

Kelly's favourite colour!! You should think about adding her guest room in this post... a lovely example of a purple room! Here's a link:

Beautiful rooms, Nancy... my fave is the last one with the lilac-purple setee and damask wallpaper!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Love the last photo as well, the wall paper is to die for! Not sure my landlady would appreciate me wallpapering her house, but lately I am itching to do a wall!
My 14 year old's room is painted a lovely shade of violet called African Violet by Benjamin Moore. I adore that colour, just the right hue.

Thanks for the eye candy!

Lisa said...

Beautiful rooms - I love purple as well. It has such a regal feeling! That damask wallpaper is to die for....

thelennoxx said...

Yes, purple definitely has a royal zing to it, just like emerald green. Purple is actually one of the colors I like the least, but I often come across purple interiors that make me go gaga (LOL). Like the floral wallpaper that no one else liked, haha!

Marcus Design said...

Thanks Victoria!! I popped Kelly's beautiful room in there, I wanted to add it before but hadn't asked her if it was ok yet. I die over that wallpaper :)

And thanks to La Musa Bizantina for the interesting bit of history, I love that kind of stuff! Funny that you mention purple is bad luck in Italy, because I am sure that I have read that it is the color for funerals somewhere but I can't remember where??

DesignTies said...

Wooohoooo, my favourite colour!! :-) Thanks for including my guest bedroom in your collection of purple pictures :-)

I'm working on another purple room at the moment. It'll hopefully be done some time in June :-)


DesignTies said...

Yay! You added Kelly's bedroom! HaHaHa!! It really IS a lovely room :-) Maybe one day I'll go for a visit and stay there!!

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