Wednesday, May 5, 2010

{designer profile: brian gluckstein}

Canadian designer Brian Gluckstein specializes in everything from upscale private residential décor to bedding and tableware for his Gluckstein line at The Bay. He is one of my favorite designers; I love the sophistication and luxury of his interiors because they really give a sense of grandeur. The readers of House & Home, Canada's largest design magazine, named Gluckstein Canada's Favorite Interior Designer! Well deserved …I’m sure you’ll agree when you check out the photos below (all photos via

I have to start with my favorite. The man knows how to design a bathroom! I just love the idea of a ‘library’ surrounding a free-standing tub:

Here’s a photo I have posted before using the same idea...yummy:

Brian's work from several different private residences (notice the gorgeous herringbone floor):

A true jewelry box of a powder room!

I love the artwork in this living room:

No narrow hallways here!!! Just imagine what the rest of the home must be like...

The Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto:

The One St. Thomas Residences:

His furniture line is quite stunning that's one amazing side profile, don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed all the eye-candy!! Brian, you can come decorate my home any time!


Anonymous said...

each picture is great, highly classy and classical, sleek and with a sense of warmth - the first picture looks like my dream bookcase!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

*sigh* I love the bathroom! We have such amazing talent in Canada! On of my favourite is Roseanne Daykin and Samantha Pynn.

DesignTies said...

I love watching Brian on Cityline :-) He has a great sense of humour, his rooms are stunning, and it's fun to see him help out audience members with their design dilemmas. How cool would it be to get FREE advice from Brian Gluckstein?!

The only teeny tiny complaint I have is that he doesn't use enough colour!! But his signature classic style is SO appealing :-)


Orgo Cosmetics said...

That bathtub is so gorgeous! I love it :)

Lisa said...

I love Brian Gluckstein's rooms they are so timeless and luxurious. It's true he hasn't met a beige he didn't like but that is what makes them classic. I would probably put a pop of colour in his rooms to make them mine but he could certainly do my house anytime as well! Great Post!

DesignTies said...

I've always loved Brian's classic, sophisticated and under-stated style. Everything is beautiful element is added with thought to the overall affect and feel in a room. I don't mind that he doesn't use lots of colour... just adds a kind of decadence to his rooms, in my opinion. CRAZY about that powder room's wallpaper!!

Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!!

thelennoxx said...

Wow, that's some gorgeous designs right there. I agree with everything you brought up in this post, absolutely stunning everything! I also love the screen behind the sofa in the living room. And the first bathroom is just out of this world!

Have a great weekend Nancy!


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful - each image was stunning! I have seen the wide hallway picture, but not the others - what a treat.

The master bathroom with the 'tile rug' and the books is one of the most beautiful master bathrooms I have ever seen! So lux.

clippingimages said...

Wonderful homes.I like your all of home pictures.

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