Sunday, May 16, 2010

{lusting over lovely wallcoverings}

Don’t you just want to reach out and touch this textured, to-die-for, velvety wallcovering?

Lasari Flock via Romo

I’ve wanted to wallpaper the one wall behind our bed in the masterbedroom for a while now. There are so many amazing wallcovering trends out there right now, and I can’t decide what style I am lusting over most! I’d love to show you the ones I am drooling over, and maybe you can help me to decide! What style do you like best?

1. Medallion wallcoverings

After seeing the Lasari Flock wallcovering (pictured above) used in a masterbedroom on the tv show ‘Dear Genevieve’, I can’t get it out of my mind! This gorgeous paper can be found through Romo Designer Wallcoverings. Here's my favorite color way:

Other colors:

Lasari Flock via Romo

image via House & Home

This divine paper was used on the first season of Sarah's House (my favorite season to date) and is also available through Romo.

Kiku via Romo

image via Style at Home

Rubani via Romo

2. Simple Geometrics

I like the simple repeated shapes of these papers. You may recognize this first one – it is from Candice Olson’s line of wallpapers, and if you’ve caught recent episodes of Divine Design you’ll have noticed it in the background of her personal office! It’s quite stunning! Available through York Wallcoverings.

image via York Wallcoverings

image via York Wallcoverings

image via Style at Home

3. Wallpaper with a shimmery shine

Who can resist the glamour and luster of these silvery wallcoverings? You can probably already tell from some of the photos above that I am loving a little shimmer. I think with the right lighting in a room, these wallpapers would truly sing!

Folia wallcoverings via Romo

Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis in Onyx Gloss via Schumacher

Simonii via Romo

So which of these 3 trends are you loving most? Do you have a specific favorite? Any amazing papers that I have missed? Thanks for your input everyone!


barbara@hodge:podge said...

I love the wallpaper behind the vanity in the Style at Home image. It is subtle but yet so elegant. I wish I wasn't renting so I could wallpaper a wall! I remember wallpapering my bathroom and bedroom when I was a teenager but it was horrid paper in retrospect!

DesignTies said...

I think I love them all! I wanted to hang wallpaper in our bedroom when were renovating but then I changed my mind because I wanted to save a bit of money... but now I'm thinking of doing it after all!!
When I write my Room Infidelity post for next Friday, I'd like to link over here... would that be okay, Nancy? After all... you are lusting!!

Marcus Design said...

Oooh! Thanks Victoria! I'd be honored if you linked to this post. I am literally lusting over each of these rooms pictured here! I would take any one of them :)

thelennoxx said...

Ohh, I'm loving the shimmery wallpaper in the picture. LOVE them, esp. the first and second one from the top in that pic.

Actually I like them all, except from the floral ones in the first pics, I've seen them sooo much, I'm getting really bored with them =)

Vanessa said...

I like the medallion ones out of the 3 you have shown. I like when wallpapers are more muted like the one used in Sarah's House or Style at Home. I don't generally like geometrics (for me personally) or anything with a shine.

eLiZaBeTh said...

I have been trying to figure out what the wallpaper was on Divine Design for such a long time. Thank you! I love wallpaper & this post!

Anonymous said...

Truly love them all, I am going to renovate my powder room and I am thinking of wall paper since last summer. I am in favour of Darcy by Graham & Brown that looks good so as the one from Sarah's house looks great.
Good selection love them all.

Ashley said...

I love them ALL!!! I really want to do a funky wallpaper on the back wall of my foyer. I just don't know how I could committ to a one design! I also saw wallpaper on the "wall" part of a wooden staircase. It looked AMAZING!!!

Lisa said...

They are all beautiful but I am partial to the last one. Probably because it is so similiar to the one I have in my bedroom - light blue with a silvery shine.

Kathysue said...

Love, love all of the papers you have shown in this post. I am a fan of wallpaper, I have always had it in my guest bath and dining room/kitchen. I am so pleased it is coming back into vogue with such great and fresh looks. I have enjoyed looking around on your blog, you are doing a great job,Happy Tuesday,Kathysue

Lila said...

I'm crazy over all of them. Of course, Sarah Richardson will always have a place in my heart. But, I love the geometrics and the medallions too. I think whatever I would choose would have to be light, a little feminine, and somehow glitzy!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

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