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{5 fabulous coffee table books}

Lately I am just loving over-the-top coffee table arrangements incorporating books… and I mean lots of books! This might be influenced by my love for books in general; I adore being surrounded by them. Karl Lagerfeld seems to agree with me, here’s an interesting quote from the Chanel front-man himself:

In my opinion, books go beyond reading pleasure as they can also add personality and interest to a design scheme. There are probably so many pictures floating around that are great examples of coffee table displays using books, here are a few that I swoon over:

via Lonny

via Lonny

via domino

I love this Lucite coffee table … and check out the stacks of magazines below, oh how I would love to peer through that collection!

via Lonny

via Lonny

Did you see the coffee table display in Carrie and Big’s new apartment in SATC2? I’ve never noticed anything like it, I love how there are books lying flat combined with books standing up, what an interesting arrangement!

I then came across a similar display via domino:

Interior design books are one of my weaknesses. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am hanging out in the decor section of a bookstore! On that note, I thought I would include my 5 must-have coffee table books that would be a perfect start in creating the looks above. Not only are these books pretty on the outside, but they are chalk-full of goodness on the inside as well!

1. With the magazine gone, domino – the book of decorating, will have to continue to fill the void. A definite must-have full of inspiration and how-to advice! {bookshelf image via Housewears}

2. I love Kelly Wearstler’s Modern Glamour: it’s over the top and dramatic in true Kelly Wearstler form. Speaking of books, here’s a reading room featured in Modern Glamour, complete with books perched nicely on the coffee table, and a few extras stacked on the wine-cellar inspired bookcase:

3. Hue: Kelly does it again with this recent publication dedicated to the possibilities of color in interior design and decorating. I don’t know about you, but I am loving the different hues of Hue’s front cover! {coffee table image via Lonny}

4. Ahhh, Chanel. Doesn’t the spine of this book say it all? And who doesn’t want to learn more about one of the most glamorous and stylish women in history?

5. Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor offers a unique, closer look at hundreds of beautiful rooms the magazine has published in the passed 20 years.
So there you have it! My 5 favorite coffee table books, and my favorite ways to display them. Did I miss any of your favorites? Any must-haves that I should be popping over to Amazon for ASAP??

PS. Thank you to my good friends Laura and Kim, you inspired this post!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I must get my hands on a copy of Modern Glamour...it looks fab.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

I really want the Domino book! I try arranging my coffee table with books, but try 3 kids and a husband who rests his drinks on the books! Argh!
I have a few interior design books but prefer stacking magazines (at least if they get soaked, they didn't cost much!

One book my husband bought, it is actually a book about tree houses, but they are over the top gorgeous tree houses in France!

I am loving your compilation posts!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Great post Nancy! I recently bought Suzanne Kasler's Inspired Spaces at Homesense for half the regular price - love it.

thelennoxx said...

What a great post! I love all the coffee table images you posted, they are all so colorful and cute. Makes me want to redesign my living room seating area to something fresher!

BubBLeS said...

Love the wine cellar inspired bookcase! Trying to convince my bf to make one for our living room! :D

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of being surrounded by books - it would be like heaven *sigh*. You're amazing!

Lisa said...

Oh I am at Chapters tomorrow I may have to scoop up a few of your selections! I love design books and I also love travel books - we have an old coffee table book that is called One Day in Japan - they did a whole series of them - very interesting photos in those books!

Maria Killam said...

What a fabulous post, I loved every second of it. I adore coffee table books and often buy them strictly for the cover (well not like I would if it was a cookbook for a living room or anything).
I just love books!!

DesignTies said...

So Hue comes with the cover in different colours?? How cool!! I totally love the purple cover :-)

You found so many great pictures of coffee tables & books. I love the bright colous of the books in the first picture, and the birch wallpaper on the back of the bookcase with the Domino book is fabulous!!

If a book isn't pretty on the outside, it can be a simple matter of just removing the paper cover to pretty it up :-) I picked up a Celerie Kemble book at HomeSense for $15. The cover had a tear in it, so I just took it off, and the cover underneath is a beautiful bright green :-)

BTW, you can find some great decor books at HS for a fraction of the original price -- often $9.99 or less for a nice hardcover decor book.


Hoteloscopy said...

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Jen of Made By Girl said...

OMG I cant believe i only have one of those books!! I have a ton more titles though!


{r} said...

such a wonderful compilation -- adore all the examples you used, especially the lonny lucite table -- and like jen, have only one of these titles, despite having many, many books!

{p.s.} not certain, but the last image could be:

{recognize the creative cropping :) }

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