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{gallery wall or art shelves?}

I’ve always been drawn to gallery walls, even though thus far I’ve been a bit timid to try one myself. There is something that intimidates me, even though it seems that anything goes! However, a large wall in our home office is crying out for a little attention {ok, so that's not the only thing crying out for attention!}, and I think a gallery wall would do just the trick.

I’ve heard many tips, the most obvious being to cut out newspaper or craft paper in the size of each piece and tape them on the walls until you find a layout you like. Also, to be sure to measure twice,  and make a hole once! But if you mess up, to try making the hanging wire shorter or longer instead of making another hole. Any tips that you have learned that may help me in my endeavors?

Here are some of my favorite gallery wall inspiration photos, many of which are in offices, as I seem to have home offices on the brain!

One of my favorite gallery walls; simple, classic, and tres chic! This beautiful arrangement was created by designer and blogger Karla, of Kerrisdale Design Inc. To see more of her stunning portfolio click here.

via Houzz

Maria Fe of Layers of Meaning even incorporated her puppy in her gallery wall! Side note: I love the touch of Imperial Trellis on the chair.

Another lovely gallery wall created by Janell of Isabella & Max Rooms:

Ok, so it's official, bloggers are uber talented! Yet another blogger, Emily of the lovely blog Emily A. Clark designed a gallery wall in her own home office:

So here's the dilemma: I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and then I came across the image below over at ABCD Design, and I was quite smitten, to say the least! The photo below inspired this post. I love the look of the art sitting on these floating shelves, and now I feel confused...

So what do you think, are the floating shelves a nice alternative for someone who is afraid to start a gallery wall? Maybe this is a good option for those afraid of commitment as well, as it allows for constant change. Or if you are renting and can't poke 15 holes into the wall!

If you are interested in creating this look, there is a great floating shelf DIY article over at House & Home.

Here’s an interesting combo of art on shelves, and art hanging just above:

I now can’t decide whether to attempt a gallery wall or the art shelf look, I love them both! Which of these looks has you swooning?


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Use Command 3M to hold your pictures up - it's very strong velcro that doesn't leave any marks on the walls and allows you to move the pictures around easily! Good luck!

Brandi said...

I love the gallery shelves but I think the art wall is just timeless. Unless you think you will want to change it around then the shelves are the way to go.

Karena said...

Nancy, I feel like the shelving takes away from the art. (although I do have some art on my bookshelves) I just would not put up shelving to specifically display art.

Art by Karena

ashlina {the decorista} said...

oh wow. this photo is amazing. i am totally in love!!! you have such a good eye my love. xo

Karla {Kerrisdale Design Inc} said...

Nancy, you are the queen of great photo roundups! I always love a gallery wall, and I do see Karena's point that the shelves can take away from art IN SOME INSTANCES. I think the dark shelves detract, but thin white ones fade into the wall in my opinion. I think the idea is great for true art collectors who love to move things around constantly, and that it also gives a more effortless & casual look with them leaning like that. I think you can't go wrong with either....maybe post a picture of the wall your thinking of and we can vote on which would work best :)

PS thanks for including a picture of mine in your roundup!

DesignTies said...

I love both! Helpful, hey?! HaHaHa!!
Once our basement is finished and I'm able to move the shelving unit in our dining room down to the family room, I plan on doing a gallery art installation on the large dining room wall... for me it will probably be without shelves. In the family room though, I'm thinking about doing a display on shelves. So... both... in different applications :-)
Gallery displays always remind me of my Mom... growing up, she always had a display hanging over the sofa... she had such a good eye for art and design!
Hope you're well!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I like the floating shelves myself because it's easier to change them to alter the look when you get tired of something. I'm a little more comfortable with a gallery wall that has some symmetry...either in color or size. They sometimes remind me of a Victorian home with all the walls covered unless they are deliberate.
My vote goes to the shelves!

Kathysue said...

Nancy the one by Emily Clark is my favorite it is perfectly layed out and the proportion of all the pieces just work, I also love the way it comes down to almost the floor. I like shelves in a really casual setting with overlapping pieces all in black frames. Good luck!!! Kathysue

Emily A. Clark said...

Nancy, Thanks for including my office in your post. I'm honored :)

Why do gallery walls freak us out so much? I've done other ones in my house but I seem to be frozen when it comes to getting started on the one in our family room.

The Zhush said...

Actually...they all do! What a fab round up! Bookmarking the whole thing!

DesignTies said...

I like both, but I'm partial to a gallery wall. I was inspired by a gallery wall Samantha Pynn did on Pure Design to do the same in our hallway. It goes almost from floor to ceiling, and I love it :-) I framed pics of our pets in large square Ribba frames from Ikea, and had the photos developed at Costco for about $3.00 each. The pictures are personal and meaningful to me, and the wall has a huge impact. You can check it out in this post if you'd like:

Love the collection of inspiration photos you found. You're right, bloggers ARE an uber-talented bunch!! :-)


Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

I can never get enough of design gallery inspiration and this round up is amazing!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I love gallery walls and these are all so inspiring!
Thanks for posting my giveaway in your sidebar.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

I like both, but here is a "DIY framed ART wall" post I did awhile back on wall art. This was what mine looked like in April of 2009:

theLENNOXX said...

I actually love both, and have been wanting to do a gallery wall myself. I have currently added the whole of two pictures (haha!!) -have to do something about that =) Thanks for inspiring me (yet again) Nancy!

Ps. My weekend was great, hope yours was too?!

xo Linda

{g} said...

will always adore gallery walls & especially love the third -- such wonderful inspiration!

Hill Country House Girl said...

What a great post. I hung a gallery wall in my bedroom. After I hung everything, I bought (read: fell in love with, had to have!) a long table that sits along the wall under the art. As I have begun adding things to the table, the art all looks like it needs to be raised. Oh if only I had planned the whole wall at once! One day I will muster up the energy to re-hang the entire wall. I also love the shelves and think I will use those in a hallway for family photographs that I like to change out as my children grow and change.

sherry said...

Nancy, just discovered your blog early this Sunday morning. It was perfect to drink my first cup of coffee, while taking a look through! It's beautiful, and this post was exceptional. Definitely a keeper. I will be following along for other fabulous post.

Anonymous said...

I just chanced onto your site while looking for gallery shelving-- Living in an apt now & being an artist with grandchildren who also love to draw & paint --- I need shelving thats not too intrusive, to display constantly changing art works, some 'a work in progress' etc. So I think gallery shelving would fit the bill.

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