Thursday, September 2, 2010

{dining room decorating deliberations, part 1}

Today I am thrilled to introduce another one of my favorite bloggers, Kelly of the lovely blog DesignTies and the design firm JAX Décor & Design! {You can check out her beautiful work here}. Kelly is a super talented designer, I always learn so much from her posts and her design work; her blog is a daily must-read for me!

Awww, thanks Nancy!! And I’m honoured that you asked me to write a guest post for your lovely blog :-)
Our dining room, like most rooms, in our house, has been a work in progress for… well, for longer than I’d like to admit!! However, it IS close to being done now. The wainscoting is installed and painted, the ceiling and walls are painted, and the chandelier is installed…
The chairs are recovered in a funky lavender faux ostrich leather…
And the sexy new sideboard has arrived…
somerton buffet
Really, all that’s left is to decide on a fabric for the curtains, hang some artwork, and accessorize. So what do I do?? I go and rethink the entire decorating scheme, of course!!
Although I love the wainscoting, I think I could love it more with one small (well, OK, BIG) change. Like most wainscoting, it goes about a third of the way up the wall. There was already a chair rail in the DR, so that dictated where the wainscoting stopped. But I want to bring it higher up the wall — and it’s all because of this picture: 
big clock things that inspire
First of all, I love the grid style of the wainscoting. Second, I love the big wall clock — and thanks to the CSN Stores gift certificates I recently won in Nancy’s giveaway and Lisa Goulet’s giveaway, I put them towards buying my very own big wall clock :-) Thanks ladies!!
clock And third, I love the look of the big wall clock on the wall with the grid panelling. So, now I want to take the wainscoting in our dining room higher up the wall. Here are some more examples of tall wainscoting.
grid walls kathleen hay
fireplace wainscoting kauffman beadboard kauffman wainscoting decork wainscoting housebeau london calling loudly
What I love about this look is that the white wainscoting is the architectural detail it adds to the room. And painted white, it’s light and fresh. But there’s still some space between the wainscoting and the wall where you can use colour. Or, as Sarah did in the farmhouse she renovated on Sarah’s House 3, you can use a boldly patterned paper. Because there’s only a few feet of it, it doesn’t overwhelm the space.  But it does make quite a statement, don’t you think??
So now is the hard part — convincing hubby to pull out his tools and math brain and add more wainscoting to the DR!! And if I can convince him to do that, I have some great ideas for decorating the rest of the room. You’ll have to head over to DesignTies and read Dining room decorating deliberations, Part 2 to see what else I have up my sleeve!!


Splendid Willow said...

Hi Nancy, my first time here. Found you via the lovely Zush.

You crack me up with wanting to make changes when the room is almost done. But I can so relate. I just had my husband paint a stairway gray 3 days after I had asked him to paint it brown! (We don't settle until it is perfect!)

Love the idea of a the wainscoting going further up on the walls. I think you would really love the look. Especially with a darker ceiling.

Good being here! I am now a follower.

ox, Mon

BubBLeS said...

Great guest post Kelly! I love that wall clock! I've been looking around for giant wall clocks myself as a finishing touch to the foyer. And I'm really liking the wainscoting, too! Before, we were contemplating tiling the foyer wall.. now we have another option! Let me bring it up with Kel to see which he likes better...

Kathysue said...

I am not sure how I missed this post, but I have been pretty busy!! I am on my way over to see what else you have going on. I know the part about convincing hubby Oh too well, Kathysue

Lifestyle of the pregnant and fabulous said...

Kelly - i just started following your blog recently and i love it! you have impeccable taste. I just HAD to comment on the gorgeous gold chandelier at the beginning of this post. its absolutely fab! keep the posts coming. have a great weekend!

cherryblogger71_is said...

The tall wainscoting is pretty cool but I also feel as though I'm looking at an older man with super high waisted pants. The kind my granddad used to wear.

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