Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{pretty poufs are everywhere!}

While in Egypt I tried to keep my eyes peeled for any decor trends I could spot. On thing was for sure, I came across poufs everywhere!! These little creations are often referred to as Moroccan poufs, although as far as I am concerned they are as Egyptian as they are Moroccan, because I can remember having them in our home growing up {Mom, if you're reading this, I remember them in dark green...does my memory serve me right?}

A street market we visited in Sharm El Sheik

Sources from left to right: Moroccan Prestige, Authentic Morocco, and Calypso.

Poufs have been trendy in North America for the passed few years, and they are still going strong. They come in so many colors, there is surely one to fit your decor! You can pick one up from John Derian's shop for $285 a pop, or grab a more modest version from Ebay seller Crafts of Egypt for only $19.99.

I was excited to see a lovely pouf from Table Tonic featured in the premier issue of Rue, they carry such a wide variety of colors!

These mini-ottoman's are ideal for additional seating, they make great foot rests, and they can add color and prettiness to any room! Just look at the evidence :)

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

If Kelly Wearstler placed them in her kid's rooms, you know poufs are cool.

Kelly Wearstler

Metallics are particularly hot right now:

Amanda Nisbet

Jonathan Adler

How about white poufs for a nursery?? Dreamy! {And you can probably wipe them up easily when things aren't that dreamy}

Serena & Lily

via decorpad

I think if it were me I'd go for the classic and restrained look; simple black with contrasting stitching to show off the structure. Yum.

via decorpad

Which would you choose??


Karena said...


I really do love the poufs and aren't the selection and styles amazing. I have always loved that Elle Decor Room with the hot pink poufs.

Art by Karena

Brandi said...

So hard to choose! I like the black and white too but that black-gold one is awesome! I'm going to check out that ebay seller right now, can't beat $20!

DesignTies said...

I'm diggin' the pink poufs in the living room with the purple sofa.

I seem to remember having something similar in our house (or maybe it was the cottage) when I was growing up, only it was a bit more structured. I think it was burgundy leather.

Who knew our parents were so ahead of trend when we were kids!! :-)


christine, just bella said...

I love those hot pink poufs!!

Kathysue said...

I remember when poufs were called hassacks, they were not quite as funky as these but same basic concept. I am loving the white or the lime green!!! That all white in the nursery is wonderful, Kathysue

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

My daughter would love to have these in her room. I like when they add a little unexpected color to a room, like in that Elle Decor photo. Fun!

P.S. The hot-pink poodle statues flanking that fireplace crack me up! :)

AB HOME Interiors said...

I like poufs. They can add a bit of whimsy to a room, and comfort!

Sarah Klassen said...

I think they are fantastic! I love the colors and patterns of the ones you feature from India, but also enjoy the gold and silver ones as well... such chic pieces :)

Hope you're having a fabulous week!

theLENNOXX said...

I must admit I've always seen these poufs as a bit old fashioned (probably because I had only seen them in my grandmothers house) but you have totally convinced me they are HOT! I've seen them all over and I actually did like them in the elle decor images, but I've never seen a white one in a white room before, it looks totally different to the crazy colored ones. I want an (Egyptian) pouf now!

xo Linda

David Toms said...

They have certainly come a long way from the vinyl covered affairs we had in the 60's and 70's. Your selection of rooms are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yes Nancy you are right they were green, back in the 80's/90's that was the color. I also admit I never thought much of poufs, even when we saw them in Egypt they did not appeal to me, but now I wish I picked one, however I love the pink, black, white, gold and silver better than the crazy design.
You are soooo amazing!

Your proud mom

Marcus Design said...

Thanks Mom!! I was hoping you would remember! :) And I totally agree with you, I think the black and white ones are my favorite {but then again that doesn't surprise me since I always choose neutrals}! xoxox

Jenny said...

lots of Moroccan pouffes in amazing colours here: http://www.bohemiadesign.co.uk/moroccan-pouffes-b45
:) happiness

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