Thursday, September 16, 2010

{rue is here!}

The latest online glossy is finally here; Rue makes it's debut today!! So what are you waiting for? Get comfy and click here to start flipping through, there's tons of yummy stuff to feast your eyes on, take my word for it!

Here are a few of my favorite pages:

I want that lovely white side table!!!



Wallpaper said...

Thanks Nancy, headed over to check it out right now!

DesignTies said...

I took a quick browse through a bit earlier -- lots of great stuff in the first issue :-)


Karena said...

oooh Nancy, I am so excited to look, going right now!I also know the palette for my new painting.

I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

michelle b @ every little thing said...

hi nancy, just started following you, I guess we will meet you in person on saturday ;)

lovely blog cant wait to do some more browsing!!

The Zhush said...

Love that first room so much...the pops of black in this space are perfect!

The Glam Lamb said...

NANCY!! That is too weird I copied the exact same pics as you!!! TGIF

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm so so happy about Rue, and excited for them! I really enjoyed the premier issue, especially that bedroom in the last image -- how gorgeous it is...

hope you are having a fabulous weekend + are enjoying this mild, sunny weather :)


theLENNOXX said...

I've only had a chance to glance through it, I can't wait to sit down and actually read it! Looks extremely promising!!

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