Saturday, November 20, 2010

{15 design savvy iphone apps}

As some of you already know, I just got my hands on an iPhone 4 and I am loving it! I'm excited to use my iPhone to help with ongoing home decor projects, and here are 15 apps that peak my interest... some are specifically meant for the home, while others are all-purpose. Best part is many of these apps are free! All are available through the iTunes app store.

1.  Color Capture by Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams ColorSnap let you snap a photo of anything and find a color match among their companies' many paint chips {both Free}

2. Mark On Call, created by interior designer Mark Lewison, has so many helpful features, including shopping lists, measurement tools, layout planners, etc {$2.99}

3. I.D. Wood is a pocket guide to woods, including information about durability, sustainability, and color {$4.99}

4. Your new toolbox: the iHandy Level and iHandy flashlight are perfect tools to make sure that picture is hung just right, or find something in bad lighting on a project site {or in my case probably something at the bottom of my purse!!} {both Free}

5. eBay Mobile allows you to track your auctions easily from your phone, so you'll never miss that perfect vintage piece again! {Free}

6. Craigspro+ is Craigslist's mobile version for the iPhone {Free}

7. The Cartolina app, recently featured in both Style at Home and House & Home, lets you send beautiful cards as texts. Better yet, there is a holiday version for Christmas! {original $0.99, holiday $1.99}

8.  Home Sizer calculates square footage and construction costs  {$2.99}

9. What the Font will identify any typeface. Just snap a pic of a poster, sign, or any other source for type, and you'll get your font! {Free}

10. Color Change allows you to take a photo and then "paint" the walls—floors, ceiling, trim—so you can know if you like it before you commit {$2.99}

11. SwedeShop helps you stay organized on your Ikea shopping trips. Take photos, make notes, and tab the locations of all the items you're considering {$0.99}

12.  Evernote, an all-purpose organizational app, let's you snap pics of fabrics, rooms, and furniture; make recordings and notes; map locations of your favorite stores and sales {Free}

13. Red Laser is your personal price checker. Scan any bar code and in seconds you'll get the price at the store you're in and see how much more {or less} the item costs elsewhere. This one is said to have some problems working in Canada, but functions well in the US and UK. Hope they get working on that! {Free}

14. House Plants 411 was made for me! I kill everything in sight, but this handy app has dozens of care instructions, tips, and remedies. Believe it or not you can even e-mail a photo of your plant for a private response! {$3.99}

15. is a fashion must! You can scan through all the latest runway shows straight from the fashion capitals of the world. Ok, not exactly decor related, but we gotta keep up on all the fab trends right? {Free}

I'm also trying to track down a case for this phone, there aren't that many out there! I found a website with some fab cases here, and these are the ones that immediately caught my eye. Any opinions?

Let me know if you've tried out any of these apps! What are your favorite design savvy apps? And if you have one, where did you find your iPhone 4 case?

PS. To go along with my new-and-improved techi-ness, Marcus Design is now on Twitter and Facebook! I know, I'm WAY behind, but I guess better late than never...come join in on the all the fun and stay connected with me!


The Zhush said...

Loving the stylish text fun and cool...great find Nancy!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Great finds! - I am going to have to try the Ikea, font,and Mark on Call!

I have the level, too fun!

Glad to see you on Twitter - now I need to create a facebook page!

theLENNOXX said...

I have tested most of the apps on my iPhone! I do love the BM color capture, but the color change app didn't seem that realistic to me.. Maybe it would work with better lighting?

And for the casing, I am super happy with my (hot pink) silicone one because of it's handiness (NOT trendiness lol). I can go to sleep with it anywhere in my bed, and it never falls out. Love it!

Kellie Collis said...

These are great apps! Loving the floor plan designer! Have a great week ahead, Kellie xx

Sarah Klassen said...

love! I might have to change my background for one of those vintage-looking ones :)

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