Thursday, February 24, 2011

{sarah 101: classic ensuite}

An 80's bathroom got a serious facelift on Sarah 101 this week! And I think I've come to an important conclusion: Sarah does bathrooms well. REALLY well. I've included a little SR bathroom round-up in this post just to prove my point :)

Hard to believe this gorgeous bathroom was a scary 80's mess beforehand {kinda wish they included before pics on the website}. What I loved most was the seamless mixing of high and low end items. For example, the free-standing tub is basically a piece of art, but the vanity was a big box find through Lowes! And boy, does Sarah know how to work tile!! I love the grey stripes run around the room half way up the wall, and the tile border that adds interest on the floor. I've always been drawn to tile borders, and tiles placed to almost look like a 'rug':

Another tip Sarah shared on this episode was to think of your fixtures as the jewelry of the room, they will elevate the whole look of the space!

The tiny touches of pink and the feminine curves of the vanity and chair take this room to the next level! And I love that the pink was brought in with accessories, but all fixed elements remain classic and timeless. Sarah and Tommy pointed out that this way, you could change the look of your bathroom seasonally with accessories.

Beautiful! I'm ready to move in :) Here are a few other bathrooms Ms. Richardson has designed that make me swoon, they are all so airy and light:

Nothing but loveliness! I'm looking forward to next week's episode already :)

PS. I am guest blogging over at Arianna Belle's beautiful blog today, click here to read about 5 things that made a difference to me*


Melissa Hare said...

Isn't Sarah great? I missed last nights episode. So glad to see photos on your blog. Beautiful!


Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

I think she does everything right!

Brandi said...

Wow! The girl is a miracle worker with bathrooms. I think the stripes in the shower are one of my favorite things too. I wish I could watch these episodes. I will have to search the interwebs for them!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Sarah is definitely my favourite designer - her style is classic yet current. And I've always loved her bathrooms - definitely her strong point! Thanks for sharing - I can't see the episodes here in Ireland and am having withdrawal! :)

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Sarah knows how to do tiles! I'm always amazed at the gorgeous patterns and texture she creates by combining different sizes, colours, and style of tile.

Love the floor in this bathroom, and the wood vanity. The warm wood looks great against all the light colours in the room.

Andrea Johnson said...

You are so right, Sarah can pull together a beautiful bathroom! No one mixes tile better than Sarah.

Alena said...

Those are some gorgeous bathrooms. I'd love to have a soaking tub someday.

Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

Gorgeous bathroom inspiration! Sarah is ahmazing!

Anonymous said...

I would love to renovate my bathroom and you inspired me again. If I have unlimited budget I would probably choose the last one; I love the marble… it looks so elegant.
Thanks for sharing.


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Totally in love with that woman and her impeccable style...she is A-mazing! I love that she always works with a budget, too, y'know...albeit probably a huge one...(c:

catherine said...

Once again I am SO jealous you have Sarah and I am still watching design inc which by the way I love. Ditto to the way she uses tile and the "rug" on the floor. But still my favorite bathroom was one on Design Inc with a big mahogany sideboard they made into the vanity. AND a simple one she did for a beach house. I will send you a pic!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Yes, she does bathrooms really well! I'm always impressed with her mix of high and mid range materials, which is so true to real life! She always thinks out of the box and comes up with really creative ideas. Love that the medicine cabinet is place somewhere other than over the sink...duh??

Edin's House said...

I LUV Sarah's bathrooms!!

Splendid Willow said...

Hi lovely Nancy,

I am still battling this nasty cold but I just had to say that I am an IDIOT for not having remembered that you reside in Vancouver!!!! But we are coming back soon - we had a blast, Nancy! And I am taking you out for lunch. And any time you come to Seattle - the door is open for you.

I don't dare to look at these gorgeous bathroom images. Our master bathroom is deperately needing a makeover... But I know whose blog to go to when I am ready for some serious inspiration!

Hugs to you,


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the name of the wallpaper in the bathroom picture # 3 from the bottom. The creamy wallpaper on the top with the gray paint on the bottom of the wall?

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