Sunday, February 27, 2011

{sunday style selections}

I love discovering fabulous and fun home accessories in my every day travels, and today I thought I would share some recent finds with you! These are items with a touch of whimsy that are definitely on my personal wishlist.

First up, I've come across this lovely ad from Ginger's a few times now, they make hardware look like jewelry:

But my favorite selection from this stylish line is this little gem, a bathroom occupied sign. How much would your guests get a kick out of this on the powder room door? I'm thinking a tall, black door would be so glam!

Next, if you are anything like me you struggle to grab your house key out of the bunch but don't want any of those tacky color labeled key rings. How about these gorgeous keys from Stat Key Company? You'll never mistake the house key for the mail key again! And they are so affordable at $9.50 -11.00 a piece!

And this one's got a real dose of patriotism, I just fell in love with Toronto-based Nicole Tarasick's stylish graphic throw cushions from StyleGarage. They are perfect proof that souvenirs don't have to be tacky!

My favorite pick {$65.00 for small, $95.00 for large}:

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!


theLENNOXX said...

Wow what lovely finds! That hardware really does look like jewelry, doesn't it? I'm noticing more and more fabulous hardware popping up, and it can do so much for a piece of furniture. LOVE the bathroom occupied sign, and those keys are just fab, I want one!

Have a lovely Sunday Nancy!

xo Linda =)

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Lovely pics Nancy- you've reminded me that I need a trip to Ginger's- their hardware is so gorgeous!

Melissa Hare said...

Love the bathroom occupied sign. What a neat idea.

Macarena - Chic et Posh said...

In love with Stat Keys! They are so funny (not to mention the price is great!) Lovely Sunday! Xo

Sara Mueller said...

Beautiful and love the vacant sign!

Andrew Metrick said...


First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Metrick. Ginger's is a family business and I have the great pleasure of being a part of both the family and the business. My brother and I are the fourth generation in the family. He buys Elte's rugs and broadloom while I buy for Ginger's. I'm so happy that you chose to feature our Ginger's ad on your blog. Hardware is most definitely jewelry and our ad pays homage to that so thank you for taking notice. It's a great blog you have. After flipping through a few pages, I can see you have a great eye for both design and colour. Keep it up the amazing work.

All the best and I hope to see you at Ginger's or Elte sometime soon.


Vintage Home said...

Oh Wow ...Greqt Canadian!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

I love my maple leaf house key, but those Stat keys are so cool, I may have to get one! And the Ginger's hardware and cushions are great too :-)

Nicole - DayDream Delivery said...

Oh Canada! Love those! And oh my, great comment from Gingers! Congrats Nancy. Keep up the great bloggin!

Edin's House said...

I want a Canada pillow!! :-)

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