Sunday, July 24, 2011

{interview: so canadian, eh?}

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are using the last weekend day to the fullest and enjoying some sun wherever you are :) Today I am over at Barbara's lovely blog, hodge:podge, where she is interviewing lil' old me in her fantastic series 'So Canadian, Eh?' I don't feel cool enough to be included, to be honest ... I mean last weeks interview was with THE Tommy Smythe for goodness sake! Be sure to check that fabulous interview out! I feel really lucky to have had the chance to become friends with Barbara, she is one sweet and amazingly talented lady who can DIY pretty much anything, so be sure to take the time to look around while you visit. Needless to say, I really thank Barbara for including me!!

So if you have ever wondered how I started up my blog, what I'm studying in school, or what has surprised me about blogging, be sure to go here to read the interview!


Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Nancy, I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Barbara. You have so much energy and drive to accomplish all that you do. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!
Wendi :)

Vintage Home said...

Thanks for the peek into your inspiring adventure!

OR DESIGN glassworks. Distinctive Custom Architectural glasswork said...
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