Monday, July 18, 2011

{pretty in pink + a guest post}

Today I am pretty thrilled to be guest blogging over at Amber's fabulous blog Amber Interiors. If you aren't following along you are seriously missing out, her design work is stunning and her own home was recently featured in the July/August issue of High Gloss mag! Amber hosts a wonderful series called, 'One room, 2 looks,' which challenges bloggers to style a spot in their home in two different ways. How fun! But I do have to confess I felt a wee bit intimidated since my post comes after a few very talented designers, and I wasn't sure I could measure up ... click here to have a look at my attempt at 'One room, 2 looks.'
And just a taste of Amber's lovely creations, check out her portfolio for more:

And as for my weekend, I thought back and decided it was filled with a whole lotta pink-a-licious goodness! A few pics to explain:

I got around to painting my nails {doesn't happen often enough!}, and I've decided matte is where it's at!! I love this matte shade of pink {OPI's La-pazitively Hot}. Very fun! I'm already wanting a mid-night blue matte for fall :)

I received my Kate Spade Bexley Cyndy wallet in the mail on Friday and I was thrilled! It took forever to get through the border, UPS even called asking for 'more information' about what the suspicious package contained!! The lady on the phone told me she had called and spoke to 'Kate Spade', and Kate explained to her it was a wallet, and KATE had given her the price of the item ... as if Mrs. Spade herself was my friend, sending me this wallet, oh deary me. Best surprise once it finally arrived? The fabulous polka dot lining!

The third pink item on the list ... I won the gorgeous Ravel giveaway on Bijou & Boheme this weekend!!! I was beyond excited, I couldn't get that fishbone bracelet outta my mind once I laid eyes on it, thank you to Christine and the ladies at Ravel!

Came across this lovely picture this weekend, isn't that pink door fabulous? And actually, this photo has a little hint at one of my home projects I bought paint cans for on Saturday {more on that soon}. And no, sadly it won't be a pink door :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Hugs,


Amanda Hill said...

Fantastic! I adore matte nail Polish and that color is haute! So excited to see what you do with your door :)

Catarina Almeida Santos said...

Gorgeous !!
love this door :)


Danielle Hardy said...

Love love love all the pink :) totally going to try the matte nail polish. I'll defs go check out Amber Interiors right now :)

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Loving the pink!
I'll definitely be visiting Amber's blog.
Great post, Nancy, and congratulations on winning that gorgeous bracelet!

tina / half of what I say said...

LOVE your Kate Spade wallet! Pink faux ostrich is always fabulous. I just got a Kate Spade dress in what looks like those exact same polka dots, it is so cute!

Off to check out your guest post!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting a matte midnight blue too! Can you recommend a good one? Or one at all for that matter. ;) I have no idea where to get that color.

Kathysue said...

nancy I can not look at hot pink without a smile on my face. i think that is a very good sign it makes me happy too!! Kathysue

Lovely said...

Nancy, I found your blog via Amber's. Wow, LOVE it and will definitely be following!


The Glam Lamb said...

Nancy!! Just wanted to stop and say hi!! I am taking a blogging break for a week or two, but just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I keep tuning in to your gorgeous (and addicting) blog!! I'll be back next week in the blog world!!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Ooh I like that matte polish... Never see n it b4! ;)))))

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of those hex nut bracelets. Lovely.

Sarah Klassen said...

Lovely—congratulations, Nancy! So fun!

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