Monday, August 15, 2011

{fabulous nursery inspiration ...}

I was out shopping for a baby shower yesterday, so I kinda had baby stuff on the brain. No, no announcements to make, Lol! I just LOVE to be inspired by baby rooms that don't look baby per se. I know that's not everyone's taste, but I personally love a baby room where the crib is really the only indication that it is a baby room. Call me crazy but I love the sophisticated chic look! Last week Erin Gates of Elements of Style posted a reader's nursery that was bananas, I die:

What I love most is that the color palette, roman blinds, sofa, artwork, and rug could be right at home in a gorgeous living room!!

You could literally plop a desk in place of the crib and have a beautiful home office ... I love that!

So here is a round-up of other inspiration I've tucked away in a file. Those who know me personally know that I'm not quite ready for kiddies yet, seeing as the only part I get excited about is decorating the room!! But, I know I'll get there eventually, so I'm saving all these pics for the future :)

Erika Bretchel

Erika Bretchel

Love, love, love when unique furniture pieces are used in a childs space:

A rocker with tufting or nailhead trim? Check.

And how about a glam crib and change table? Done and done!

I love all the inspiration that is out there! What do you think, are we moving away from simply painting the room pink or blue and calling it a day? I sure think so!!


Ann said...

Right! So fab nurseries ♥

Love the first one. It so fab that if you replace the crib with a bed, I will certainly be willing to make it my bedroom. ♥

Melina said...

Really great post! Congratulations!

David Toms said...

Well, no baby and baby's room here either, but what perfect places for baby to grow up in!

Vintage Home said... many beautiful choices...!WOW thanks for sharing!

Katie*Belle said...

I agree -- I love when you can't immediately tell the room's a nursery. These are such lovely, sophisticated spaces!

The Zhush said...

Adore these, that last pic, I would use that dresser myself!:)

Laura Shubert said...

Love the first one! Gorgeous.

christine, just bella said...

With baby in the belly you better believe I have nursery on the brain!! LOVE all your inspiration pics and I have a ton of them saved too. I'm just looking for the perfect chair right now and that 'joya rocker' is high on my list!

Jenna said...

I agree that unique furnishings in a nursery are fabulous. But most of these photos look like a baby's room to me. I also saw the one Camille posted and while I loved the fabrics and the flanking bookcases I thought those dark walls were way too ominous for a child's room. She could have accomplished the same sohisticated look with orange walls. So goodbye pink and blue (unless the mother wants it)and hello to age appropriate and beautifully decorated nurseries.

OR DESIGN glassworks. Distinctive Custom Architectural glasswork said...

Such lovely inspirations! Love some of the posters and artwork used... World is your oyster... For Like Ever... These settings are magical. Love the Lonny with the magnificent mirror, and use of chandeliers. In these rooms a child can grow older very easily without need to do anything but change crib for bed! Thanks for sharing! ;) Pam
OR DESIGN glassworks

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

Love all your choices! I'm definitely going to redo our nursery with the next baby... definitely.

aimee middleton said...

Beautiful!! However i cant track down the mini lucite crib on the decopeques website. Any help from anyone would be much appreciated!!!

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