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{sarah's house 4: family & dining rooms}

Did you catch the 2 episodes last night?? Wow, there was a lot to digest! And for the first time one of Sarah & Tommy's rooms left me wondering what I would change if I could ... lets break it all down:

First the Family Room, very soft & inviting. I like that Sarah & Tommy changed up the color scheme in a subtle enough way {they called it 'cafe au lait'}, that it still read well with the grey kitchen.

Love the shell chandelier from West Elm and the Moorish style rug from Elte.

All the furnishings were lovely, though I was imagining a dog or a two-year old jumping up on these cream chairs or the off-white chaise!

I loved the use of cabinetry along one wall to house all the tv equipment, as opposed to using a large tv cabinet which Tommy lovingly referred to as a 'Tower of Power,' too funny! What do you think of this room? I think it is very calm & serene, probably best suited to a family with older children and possibly no pets :)

On to the dining room episode, where to begin!? This room was not a winner for me, though there were things about it that I absolutely loved.

The LOVE list:

- The SHAPE of the chairs is lovely and very regency
- I heart INKY blue in a major way
- Love the placement of a tufted settee for extra seating
- The touches of gold through the chandelier and mirrors is very pretty
- I DIE over Art Deco side boards. I would dream to own one, the swirls in the wood of these vintage pieces really attract me:

To me that wood is painfully beautiful!

The 'Not-So-Love' list:

- I personally thought there were one too many fabrics on the chairs, I would have skipped the piping on the front and/or used only 1 solid blue fabric. Interestingly, Pam over at Cherish Toronto spotted these chairs for sale back in August! Around $3000 for the set of 8. I wonder who has them now?

- I wouldn't have paid $2800 for the large equestrian artwork, though I appreciate Sarah & Tommy were trying to make a whimsical statement
- I love the idea of grasscloth, but in this deep blue for some reason the seams were showing like crazy! Did any one else notice this?
- The two-tone on the walls was the biggest bummer for me. I didn't like the lower half, I kept picturing how nice it could look with wainscotting like this:

What did you think of the dining room? I realize everyone's taste is different and so I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! If they were going for drama, I think they did very well.

Sarah & Tommy are beginning to create a bit of a rainbow in this home {lavender, grey, yellow, orange, and now blue}, not something I would probably do but I really commend their bravery!! Now I really can't wait to see what happens in the weeks to come, those two sure do keep us on our toes, which is what creative out-of-the-box design & decor really should do!


Karlita said...

I would totally go for that color palette.. already have purple and green and I love yellow and blue so.. why not?!! great images!

Karlita said...
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Pomeline said...

Ok, I thought I was being fussy about the dining room, but I'm so glad you agree! I personally thought it was a disaster. There was just too much happening in there (and not in a good eclectic way). In a two-tone wall, I think the lower half should always be the darker colour to ground the room properly, plus the seams were really unappealing. The chairs were just a mess, which is a shame, because they had a great shape.

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Love that you shared this since we don't get their show in the US! And completely agree with all of your statements!

Andrea Johnson said...

I agree Nancy! I really liked the family room although I wouldn't want my young kids hanging out in that room not to mention what my dog and cat would do to it. The dining room was a bit out there but I find many of her dining rooms have too much pattern happening. I love grasscloth but I also agree that the colour below the chair rail was a bit much. Love that kitchen though!!!

Andrea xo

Lisa said...

I have to agree that the dining room was too much - too many different blues, two many patterns and too much happening on the walls and chairs.
I did love the family room, especially the carpet. I agree it probably wouldn't be the best choices of upholstery with young children and pets, but it did look lovely! I have very similar wing chairs in my living room that I reupholstered in an off white linen but my kids are older, we only use that room when guests are over and I've managed to train the cats to leave the chairs alone.

Michelle ~ Make Life Pretty said...

I think that wainscoting on the bottom half of the dining room walls would have looked much better! I did love the blue grasscloth, but those seams do stand out a lot. I have to say I like the dining room chairs with the piping, but it's a little too much when combined with everything else in the room.

Julie said...

I'd have to say that this dining room was by far my least favourite room out of all of the ones she's ever done. It just didn't appeal to me. I did like some bits and pieces, but overall not really for me.

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

omg... I'm so glad that you mentioned the seams in that grasscloth! It was driving me bonkers through the entire episode! Didn't care for the light blue under the chair rail either... Love your inspiration shot with the white. The chairs would have been ok without that crazy piping. Since we're on the topic of 'misses' I think the coffee table in the family room looked like it had elephant legs... the scale was weird with the thin marble top and all of the super chunky legs.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely STUNNING!! every room!!

Danielle Hardy said...

WOwzers!! love that living room. Gorgeous!

Rai S. @ Rai Designs said...
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classic • casual • home said...

I think neutral rooms like the first one are so easy to live with even with kids and dogs. You can switch things up with flowers or a pillow.

Sherri Cassara said...

I didn't see the episodes so I'm glad you shared! I like the family room - even through it is subtle, the fabrics are interesting and current. I don't like the two different drapery fabrics though. The dining room --- not so much. I agree with your assessment. LOVE the settee but it is lost with the dining chairs and your image with the wainscoting is 100% better than the two tones of blue on the wall. I'm confused by the wall with the two mirrors, the two small scale sconces and then the horse painting - all which are great but not all lined up and not together. I even think they could pull it all off if they changed the rug ... I feel it is too muted for the rest of it the colors.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Glad you give such a good detailed run down of the show as I have yet to watch an episode! But so far it is kind of a miss for me. I don't find she is doing anything too exciting...I agree with the dining room - not for me at all.

Love your takes on this!

The Glam Lamb said...

Love these images!! the second photo.... that lamp.... LOVE it!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Tom said...
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Tom said...

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The enchanted home said...

Wow such beautiful rooms!! Love the living room, not sure about the dining chairs, there is a lot going on with them, its almost overkill and I feel like the rich blue velvet and the outdoor looking fabric that is striped do not mix well together, just my humble opinion....but other than that GORGEOUS!!!!

Brandi said...

It's all beautiful of course. But I definitely cannot see that room actually being used by a family. I don't even have kids and that would be a disaster! The first thing I noticed in the DR was the weird blue color on the lower half. The room also felt overall way too cluttered. Now you have me thinking about art deco sideboards!

Anonymous said...

I love sarah's designs, but the
dining room was the worst thing
she's ever done.
way too much happening. The artwork was awful and too much
pattern, too many fabrics and
too many shades of blue.
Don't know what she was
thinking. Hated the addition of
that carpet too.
The kitchen - abosulutely beautiful

Erica M. said...

I love the living! & the chair is perfect inspiration for what I am doing in my living room right now with gray & brown. Beautiful!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Funny that you post this. I just watched the episode last night and didn't even finish it because it just did NOT do it for me. Those seams...argggh!

Meredith said...

The dining room was an total disaster. You were very generous Nancy. I've tried to find a way to be polite about it. Ummmmmm

The family room - was okay. It wasn't special. The coffee table was a bad 80's throwback. Reminds me of those awful hugging friends sculpture thingees that people used as ashtrays. The TV unit I don't understand the choice there. Really not ideal. The door profile just looks cheap. The chandelier was hung way too high and would have been better in the dining room as their choice in there was regrettable.

The carpet in the dining room? No carpet would have been preferable but I did love the Dash and Albert one in the living room.

Other than most of the kitchen - I'm still in therapy over what they did to the table, I'm taking a big ol' pass on this house, this season. I'm not feeling their chemistry at all either.

diane said...

Love that family room but not a big fan of blue so the dining room left be a bit cold and I do not care for the equestrian artwork at all. however, what is funny is that all the things you did not care for in that room is what I liked. I love the contrast welting on the dining chairs and the seams in the grasscloth, while I did not like the blue, the seams added something especially since they were all evenly spaced. The two tone walls did not bother me but the white wainscoting you suggested would have worked also. I just always enjoy seeing how those two put a room together regardless of whether I like it or not.

AnneHH said...

Thank you for posting on Sarah Richardson's latest show. She is my favorite TV designer by far and I can't wait to have this series air in the US. (As an aside, I had the best vacation in Canada a year ago and while we were there I got to watch all of the episodes of Sarah's shows that hadn't aired in the US yet but were available online in Canada.--so fun!)
Completely agree with everything you mentioned about the Dining Room. Sarah is so talented it is astonishing to me that she could make a misstep.
Love your blog and THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving your US readers a taste of what is to come with Sarah's newest show.
One question, I also love Sarah's furniture line but it is not available for delivery in the US. Do you know anyone who has ordered her furniture and how the quality is?

The Zhush said...

I am all about that dining room, its pure perfection in my book! (the pure style home be clear!) So I you know I'm in your camp with this one (despite my love for the designer here!)

Sheila @SZInteriors said...

In a sweep, this room didn't work for me, but I love the way you broke down the individual elements and details. Now those worked for me! I'm with you on the wainscoting - that would bring a much more elegant and finished appeal to the room. And with the equestrian artwork - I just commented on this on another blog - I'd forego the obvious statement for something more subtle that hinted at whimsical, but left more to the imagination...

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Didn't like the dining room at all, and I haven't read many positive comments about it. The seams in the grass cloth were WAY too obvious, and the two-tone walls were really not good. Wainscoting would have been way better. I really don't see how the patterns and colours in the room tie in with the china, which was supposed to be the inspiration for the design.

Definitely not a winner. The family room was really nice, though.

catherine said...

I cannot pass up on anything SR! OK, first time EVER, I think the family room does not even look like SR. It looks more like ashowroom floor to me. The dinnning room is another story. I agree with you on too many blues on the chairs and walls and that does not remind me of SR. I do not get the horse picture unless the oweners are big horse people. I alos find this room incredibly cluttered. I love individual pieces but they drown out each other. And what is with the peacock feather wrapped with the napkin. That just seems so unlike SR...

office interior designers said...

Absolutely STUNNING!! every room... Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful posts! Looks very cool and you could do a lot of fun, creative things with it!

Meeting Room Venues said...


These are really some amazing designs of dining rooms. The interiors used in the dining room enhances the beauty of the room. Coordinating chairs, benches, and buffets complete the dining room with good taste and style. Thanks a lot.

christy said...

I agree with your comments and I too would have preferred to see white wainscoting as per the Style at Home photo you posted. Lovely.

Delores Ensley said...

I really liked the family room although I wouldn't want my young kids hanging out in that room not to mention what my dog and cat would do to it. The dining room was a bit out there but I find many of her dining rooms have too much pattern happening. I love grasscloth but I also agree that the colour below the chair rail was a bit much. Love that kitchen though!!!
Delores Ensley

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