Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{sarah's house 4: girls bedroom & craft room}

Last night Sarah & Tommy moved upstairs to tackle the girl's bedroom and an extra room which was converted into a craft room. In passed projects, Sarah has usually utilized an extra room as a home office, but she reasoned that this is normally designed for 1 or 2 people, whereas a craft room could be for everyone in the family!

First a look at the girl's bedroom, it was cute without being too young & precious, and I liked the overall light and airy feel. All the color was through accessories that could be swapped later, and permanent fixtures such as the furniture, carpet and lighting were neutral.

I loved the Boho-chic feel, very on trend right now! If I was a young teen I'm sure I would have been in heaven here:

And the adjoining bathroom is fit for a princess! I loved that they converted an antique piece into a vanity, and placed a subtle pattern with the tilework in the shower. Again, color is only brought in with accessories, smart move:

Now onto the craft room, a fun & organized space for everyone to enjoy:

I could see staying neat and tidy being easier in a room fitted with all those Ikea organizing bins & baskets. I'd like to gift wrap in here!

So what did you think of the rooms this week? Nothing totally different or shocking, just pretty & practical I think. In terms of the upstairs portion of the house, I will be most anxious to watch the master bedroom & bathroom, can't wait :)


Macarena said...

Loved the metal trunck and the bathroom's mirror! XoXo

The Zhush said...

HEY! weird...we are viewing each other at same time!!!!:) Love the girl's bedroom, wish I could watch this show..thankful for your stylish updates! (you could have your own show!:) )

Molly @ The Nesting Game said...

Is this airing in the US now? I need to scour the DVR!

I love the Boho Chic girl's room. Really young and yet sophisticated. It is a better articulation of what I tried to do with a Boho Chill moodboard I created for our guest room.

We ended up going a totally different direction, but seeing this is making me wonder if we could have pulled it off!

Thanks for sharing!

hardydanielle said...

Love this!!! The desk is adorable!

hong kong property said...

i really like the bedroom! it's so white and a touch of color here and there.=)

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

When Sarah was insisting on using the confetti fabric at the beginning of the show, I thought - it's going to be way too over the top. But, she was right, and the pattern appears extremely subdued in the room. The bedroom and bathroom turned out wonderfully.
Sarah made a smart decision to turn the third bedroom into a craft room.
Thanks for sharing, Nancy!
~ Wendi ~ xo

Sheila @SZInteriors said...

I agree, very practical with these ones! And would I ever love to wrap in that craft space... I'd turn that space into my office without even blinking!

xo Sheila

Brandi said...

I the desk mounted on the wall is my favorite. Yes I would have loved to have this as my teenage room!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I loved seeing how she made that 3rd bedroom into the craft room... I have a third bedroom in my own house that I'm always debating what to do with... (my first choice would be nursery... but my hubby doesn't agree!!! hahaha) maybe I'll settle for craft room!

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful! I am working on my girls rooms now, and I wish I had done wall to wall in their rooms - we did all wood floors, but then we had to buy area rugs! I like the coziness of wall to wall in a bedroom.

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