Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{a few links & musings}

Happy mid-week! I've got a few fun links and images that caught my eye this week ...

First up ... we all love Tommy Smythe. We all fell for that gorgeous kitchen of his, it is probably in many-a-bloggers "Dream Home File," am I right? Well just in case you missed it ... feast your eyes on a new Victorian kitchen reno project from the talented designer featured in this video on House & Home's website. Marble, two-tone cabinets, classic subway tile from floor to ceiling, gorgeous appliances & mixing of metals ... need I say more?

He can do no wrong. A must watch!

Second, lots of linky love for all the fab e-mags and their Holiday issues. Rue hit stands yesterday, and there are tons of goodies in the latest Matchbook & Adore Home mags too!

My favorite picture I came across this week: nothing feels more true than this quote to me right now. I'm still missing my dog, and not mentioning it just to receive sympathy, but to admit I think about dogs A LOT. My hubby and I are actually thinking that 2 puppies rather than one may be the way to go next time around :)

And lastly ... an attractive tissue box cover?? Can it be possible? I came across the line of linen holders from Matouk and fell in love! My favorite of all is the cute & classic blue and white vase.

Hope your week is well xo


Abigail's Place said...

Love the second picture is lovely! An how adorable is that dog!
Lovely post!

Abigail x

modern jane said...

I am definitely a dog lover as well! I was constantly reminding my BT of that last night as we went for a walk in the rain at 9:30 at night! Oh what we do for them:) I say 2 would be so fun! I just sent that photo to my sister. It could be her retriever's twin!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

That is my kind of kitchen...LOVE Tommy! Did the "ONE" red chair work for you?...not sure

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Those tissue boxes are adorable!! Love the monogrammed one!

Living Livelier said...

love the whole Iomoi for Matouk line! too bad it's so $$$!

Good luck with your puppy search!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I love Tommy and will definitely be watching the video.
The tissue box covers are fabulous.
Thanks for sharing, Nancy!
~ Wendi ~ xo

P.S. I love this... said...

Watched Tommy's video 5 times already and took copious notes... I'm working on the kitchen in my Victoria and although we are not doing a reno at this time.. there were plenty ideas for me to implement.

Thanks for sharing!

I'm a dog lover too.. that photo is precious. =)

Vintage Home said...

What would I do without your constant consistent & copious handle on all things creative! Your ability to source information is so important to me and I am very grateful! I also think I could have tissue out with a box like that!
We lost our dog over 5 years ago and still miss her. But as our youngest has a horse we are very busy with that, our married daughter has a black lab and we take it to the barn with us! I am eager to watch as you begin your search for new loved ones...what breed would you get!
That picture of the retriever on the steps is adorable!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

I saw that video clip the other day while waiting for my kids at their music lesson, have you discovered the House and Home app for the iPhone - life saver - that is how I watched it!

I love everything about that space. Funny I was going to post about it later this week!

As for the dog quote - perfect! Maybe some puppies for you this Christmas??

I texted you on Monday - did you get it?

Pure Whyte Designs said...

Love all the images! My fave is the dog and the All you need it love sign.

Amanda Hill said...

I am saving my RUE for tonight with candles and a bubble bath....sigh!

Blayne Beacham said...

Thats a great picture. As someone who has lost a dog... I say 2 is always better than !

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

That armoire with the polka dots is BEYOND- I'm seriously dying over it. The kitchen is also ridiculously pretty. Thanks for the link!

cat said...

of course you miss your sweet dog! he was your baby!
TWO is brilliant

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