Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{eye poetry & a few things ...}

Hi friends! A few things to share today ... first I am over the moon to have received this fabulous camera for Christmas this year from my parents ... I just wish I had the time to get reading and practicing, that camera is sitting staring me in the face and taunting me as I write my thesis {don't get distracted Nancy! Focus!!}. Soon enough, soon enough.
Canon Rebel T3i {blog pics should get a whole lot prettier soon!}

And speaking of pretty photography, I am SOOO happy to have discovered the amazing photographer Irene Suchocki from Montreal. Her work is just incredible. I've never seen anything like it! Ok so maybe my skills won't reach this status but it's wonderful inspiration. I was particularly inspired by her images of France ...

And lucky for all of us Irene sells her prints on Etsy!! Her shop is rather appropriately name Eye Poetry. I'm obsessed, a few of these lovelies must be framed and included in my gallery wall. Speaking of FRAMES, it's time to announce the winners of the wonderful frames from Poppy Tree Frames!

Congrats to Kerry of First Time Fancy and alsanderson! I'll be contacting you both via email shortly. A huge thanks goes out the the fabulous people over at Poppy Tree Frames for hosting, and thank you to everyone who entered!

Finally, I managed to squeeze in a guest post over at the lovely Vanessa's blog Decor Happy today. I'm sharing an organizing tip that I am currently working on in my own home, hop over to take a peek. Thank you to Vanessa for having me!


Gawgus things... said...

That photography is amazing! Will definitely be checking her out :)

Emma x

Stacy Curran said...

Nancy, she is so talented! Her images are so creative. Thanks for the intro to her shop, too!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I love Irene's work and just photographed a client's bathroom yesterday with two of her gorgeous prints.

Thanks for participating in my guest post series Nancy. Hope you are well!

Lindsey said...

Just found your blog! Can't wait to make this a daily read.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Love the photos. Her photos of the buildings in Paris looks like dollhouse, the lens and filters give her photos such a unique twist!

For someone who is studying their thesis, you manage to knock out a lot of posts!

Good luck darlin'

Diane James Home said...

So pretty!I can't wait to pop on over to her Etsy shop. My French husband is currently in Paris on business - so wish I was there to see these images in real-life! Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

Vintage Home said...

Happy winners! Yeah!
Great images...you'll be giving her a run forthe money when you get time to uses your Rebel!
Of I go to read your guest post!

sampenner said...

I am in the exact same boat- I got
This same camera for Christmas but haven't gotten to use it quite yet. Soon enough- you are right! The images of Parisian life are so beautiful!



Erica M. said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

BTW Good luck with the camera!

Lisa said...

Any photos of Paris, I'm in. Just beautiful! Let me know how you like your new camera, I'm in the market, my point and shoot is dying ;-(
Congrats to the winners, maybe I'll be lucky next time. I'm off to read your organizational post at Decor Happy.

Glam at Home said...

Those photographs are so lovely and really capture the essence of Paris!

Catarina said...

Beautiful photography, some photos remind me so much of my journey to Paris. So enchanting.

Karena said...

Her work is amazing and I know yours will be too Nancy!! Great camera!


Art by Karena

Taylor Greenwalt said...

You are right. The photography is amazing!

Chrissy said...

Those pictures are so dreamy! Love them. Thanks for sharing. xx

Danielle Hardy said...

I love her work and have the second picture proudly displayed in my gallery wall. LOVE!! I'm about 1 month away from getting a good camera too.. We'll have to go out and become famous french photographers too ;)

Natalie said...

Beautiful images
check out my blog


Ashley Griffith said...

Congratulations on the new camera! I just gifted myself a Canon and a good camera really does the hard work for you for the most part!

Just a tip-- alot of Irene's photos are edited in photoshop to get that miniture village look or blurred out of focus look as well. and you can find tutorials for photoshop online...if you are like me you will be stuck playing for hours!!

Love your blog!


Sarah Klassen said...

That is wonderful news, Nancy—such a great camera!

Haha, it is so difficult, but stay focused—it will be worth it in the end :)

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

I have this camera too, and it's so great!! I bought the 50mm lens to use with it and it has changed my blog! Enjoy Nancy!

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