Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{sponsor love: much ado about you}

This week my lovely sponsor Emmy, a self-professed 'paper freak' and owner of the handmade shop Much Ado About You is having a big pre-sale for her new line of Planners.

The Pre-Sale begins today and run for five days throught Sunday, March 4th! All Planners will be $5 off and each customer with recieve a surprise free gift & a chance to choose their cover design before the line is introduced to the public.

So if you had 'New Years' goals of getting things in order this year and it's not quite getting there yet, a planner may just do the trick! And it's a bonus to support the hand-made world in the process :)


amy walters said...

Oh these look adorable! Love their vintage appeal Nancy. Awesome sponser :)

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Lovely news! Looks like she has a bevy of fabulous products. :)

Lisa said...

This is such a cute idea to frame the Hermes scarf photos from the book. So much more affordable, besides if I actually had a Hermes scarf I think I would want to wear it ;-)

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