Sunday, March 4, 2012

{fashion's latest sillouette}

Since I posted about the fabulous peplum waists on the Oscar dresses we saw last Sunday, I feel like I've been seeing the peplum EVERYWHERE! You too?

Olivia Palermo

the latest issue of Matchbook mag

I'm loving all of these. I think this could be flattering on many body types!

The feeling of seeing something everywhere after first being exposed to it reminds me of a funny personal story ... When I was in grade one I remember first learning about the flag of British Columbia (the province I live in). I came back to school a week later, and excitedly told my teacher that since we learned about the flag last week, they started putting it up EVERYWHERE! Lol. She quickly explained to me that it was only because I was now aware of it, I was keenly spotting it where it had actually always been.*

Thank you for all of your well wishes & emails. I've got only one week to go to hand in the final copy of my thesis! 204 pages and counting ...

Happy Sunday evening :)


abercrombie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

The peplum is very cute, although I don't think it would go well with my silhouette of the pear variety. ;) It's fun to say too. Peplum. ;)

Knock their socks off with your thesis!

The enchanted home said...

Love it and Olivia carries it off beautifully. Its a classic look that can be made to feel modern again.

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