Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{domino quick fixes is here}

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been so MIA, I've been running around like crazy with a lot of final paperwork etc for my degree, final deadline is next Friday to have everything in, yay!! Any how, I managed to get to a local bookstore yesterday on my way home from school and picked myself up a copy of Domino's Quick Fixes {which hit newsstands officially on April 17th}. Did you grab a copy? If so what do you think? {images via Curbed}

The first thing I'd have to say is, keep in mind when reading ANY review of this mag, the expectations are going to be very high. My personal take? I'm happy to have a crisp and shiny new Domino in my hands {there is nothing like flipping through actual pages to me}. The negative is that I've seen nearly half of the spaces before, and generally there was a lot of recycled material. I'm hoping that the next one will step it up with tons of new content.

I'm still happy to add these quarterly issues to my bookshelf, they are always great to refer back to. So now I'm dying to hear, if you have had a chance to flip through, what did you think of this Domino revival? If not have you read other reviews & will you be going out to buy it?


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I grabbed a copy too, and I am right there with you. Although I loved seeing another issue of Domino, the content was lacking for those of us who are true blue fans. Still, I can't complain to see one of my favorites back on the shelves! :)

Nancy I am so excited for you that your degree is nearly finished! That must be a great feeling.



amy walters said...

Haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet, so thanks so much for the sneak peek! I really like that home office shot. Wish my bulletin board looked as pretty as this.

Yay for wrapping up your final exciting ;)

barbara@hodge:podge said...

I liked it but agree it had some recycled material. Darn I wish i kept my Domino magazines - but I found the style they focussed on then was daring for me - but now is more mainstream. Too bad they were ahead of the times and didn't last!

I do love the inspiration though! Are you going to Ikea Monday? I should be getting a taxi voucher and was going to go with Mo - want to tag along????

Also check out my blog tomorrow for an Ikea gift card giveaway!

modern jane said...

I would love to pick it up but it is often hard to find magazines on the island that aren't "typical".. I heard that it is just a reprint of all their old photos. Nothing new.. true? I want it either way! :)

michele said...

these images you posted of the watercolor wall covering were my favorite in the whole issue (great minds!). there is no way any magazine can keep up with blogland, right?



Brillante Interiors said...

I still don't have my copy of Domino Quick Fixes but I may later...thanks for the reminder.

Sheila @SZInteriors said...

I've read other reviews, and I'm going to buy it! I just have to find it in my neck of the woods!!! Or, make a trip to the bigger centres and stop into Chapters instead. Either way, determined to add this one to my collection :-)

Lindsay Kim said...

I was disappointed! I was hoping for exciting and new with not as many recycled pictures, especially for the price of the special edition. Still, happy to see it mixed in with the magazines. I miss it.
And the wallpaper in your last image is amazing!

Pinecone Camp said...

I've got heaps of old Domino mags still - can't get rid of them! I'll be picking up a copy of this one for the flight to NY today. Thanks for the reminder! Nancy, I'll say hi to Jen Ramos for you. She mentioned you two hooked up for lunch in Las Vegas.
Hope to see you soon!

Vintage Home said...

NANCY! So very excited you are wrapping up a big part of your student life! yeah!
Thanks for showing these sneak peaks of Domino...crazy about the desk & wallpaper!
Have a great weekend!......Colleen

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