Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{what's old is new again: all put together}

Hello friends! Sorry for being MIA yesterday, the pup went in to be spayed and she wasn't feeling too hot so I was playing mommy for the day. Let's just say this doll is a wee bit of a diva and she thinks the plastic cone just may lead to her demise ...

But I'm back in action with a lovely guest post today from Andi over at All Put Together. Her blog is as pretty as she is, hop over to take a peek. Welcome Andi!

Hello fellow Marcus Design fans! I’m excited to be here today to share another design trend that has made a comeback: brass. I was surprised like Nancy to reach an age where trends from our young lives are already being recycled. When I think of brass decor pieces, I’m transformed back to my family's traditional living room in the 90s, with its brass wall sconces, lamps and chintz sofa.

Now before you get too scared, it's the darker, more antique looking brass that’s back, not the super shiny, yellow brass that can be seen on dated door knobs, light fixtures and faucets. Still not convinced? Take a peek at these beautiful interiors that feature brass elements.

After looking at these gorgeous spaces, it’s not surprising brass is back - it exudes warmth and richness, and complements nearly any color palette. My favorite color pairings - brass with teal and brass with pink, both examples are featured above.

What I also love about the resurgence of brass is how individuals are decorating with both brass and silver-toned pieces in the same space. Just a few years ago, we wouldn’t dream of mixing metals, but today it looks incredibly chic and purposeful. Throwing out the “matchy matchy” rule opens up a whole new spectrum of design possibilities and I’ve certainly been taking advantage of this change in my home!

Thanks so much for having me Nancy and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your fantastic blog again!

xoxo, Andi


Haus and Home said...

I am liking the twist on brass! Your little doggie in the E-collar looks so cute.

Dawna said...

I love brass and what it does in elevating a room when used!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Nancy, hope your little girl is feeling better soon :-)

Andi, just a few years ago nobody would have guessed that brass would make such a huge comeback. Sadly, we still have those bright polished brass door knobs in our house, but I'm totally on the "new" brass bandwagon. I especially like it mixed with other metals - there's something to rich and opulent about combining metals together. I also like how brass warms up cooler colours like grey & blue & purple.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Oh boy ....... here we go again with the brass. No problems here. I just have to get the combination of the brass and hunter green combo out of my head from the 80's. As for your little gal, before she knows it, that silly lamp shade will be gone. Too cute.

Tim said...

i am in a brass fever myself as well. .. . brass knobs, brass faucet, now maybe I need a brass fanhood too! Thanks for introducing me to Andi!


therelishedroost said...

I have always loved aged brass and never had the heart to get rid of it in my old farm house , and now I am glad that I didnt!

therelishedroost said...

I have always loved aged brass and never had the heart to get rid of it in my old farm house , and now I am glad that I didnt!

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