Friday, November 2, 2012

{welcome november ...}

Happy Friday everyone! As we enter a new month we have a lot to look forward to: warm lattes to indulge in, layers upon layers of sweaters, and cozy nights spent by the fire ...

And on that note, my mind turns to those on the East Coast that are not able to keep warm and cozy this weekend, as many homes are still without power. I'm so thankful to hear that all the East Coast bloggers I follow are doing ok, but not everyone has been so lucky; many have lost power, lost their home, or even worse a loved one. I'm keeping all of them in my prayers this weekend, that God would send the right resources and people to aid during this difficult time.
Hope you are staying safe & warm wherever you are,


audrinajulia said...

Adore all the photos. Have a great weekend:)


Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

loved that burning fire! Made me want to roast marshmellows :) This is my favorite month with a few birthdays and Thanksgiving and all.

Elements said...

It's been a while since I popped in but your blog is still gorgeous. Those images are lovely and yes our thoughts are with everyone effected by Sandy.
It's always unusual to see you getting cosy when summer is on our doorstep here in Australia.
Have a lovely weekend.

Dawna said...

Big pots of soup,and the fireplace on,burning scented candles all the while under my fur throw. My prayers also go out to all those who have suffered the consequence of Sandy in one form or another.

Brittany said...

Love every one of those photos! Just how I like my autumn to be :)
The East Coast is in my prayers too; it's such a tragedy. I love your thought 'that God would send the right resources and people to aid during this difficult time.' Will remember that this weekend.

Vintage Home said...

Great inspiration pictures & lovely tribute to all on the east coast. Thanks for sharing!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

You said it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

ahh wonderful! this is a wonderful post! So happy for the fall/winter season. Lovely images :)

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