Monday, January 7, 2013

{3 trends for 2013 ... }

Now that we are into 2013, I've been paying close attention to trends I think will carry on well into this year, many of which seem to have had their start in 2012. For this year I think we will see a continuation of luxurious layering, mixing patterns, further return to classic lines & maximalistic designs. I think we won't be as afraid to display our stuff, whether it be a collection of vases, family photos, or hords of magazines. Here are 3 trends I predict we are going to see more and more of ...
1. JEWEL TONES: Deep & saturated colors are going no where, and this goes for our homes and our closets. We heard from Pantone that emerald is all the rage - but I think it'll extend to other tones, blues, purples, burgundy and so on. And how great do these hues work with gold and brass? {which are also going no where by the way}.
2. GREY & PUTTY IN THE KITCHEN: White kitchen cabinets have been a staple for several years now, but have you noticed a crop of kitchens with warmer shades lately? I sure have, and I think we are going to see more of it. I love how it warms up a space that can be too stark & utilitarian, and once again, it works wonders with brass!
Style at Home; unknown source
Kelly Deck for AyA Kitchens
3. MIXING PATTERNS: This was a big trend in 2012, but I think it's going to be taken up a notch in 2013 as we become more bold with our interiors. This one will be seen in our fahsions as well, we all remember how well Olivia pulled off florals & leopard!
The home of Christine of Bijou and Boheme
So what trends do you predict for this year? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

I agree with all of these....and like all my all time (this kitchen) more glam kitchens....I think kitchens are going to start beeing sleeker in their appliances and not so kitcheny.....I also think furry accents are going to stick around (pillows, rugs)...And I will keep thinking of some more.

Ok so back to the kitchen...its in the plans....but now I'm worried about cooking and splatter...will that get the marble dirty? white marble really absorbs I need a different material as a backsplsh near the stove top? and if so, what would you add to still look well and clean and simple?

mwaxter said...

I like all but not really the mixing patterns. I just don't get it and don't think I could ever feel comfortable doing this with my clothes or home.

Heather Sibley said...

Can you tell me where the purple skirt and top are from? Thank you

Andrea said...

I heart the jewel tones!!!! I hope they stay in style for a long time! Doing lots of greens and blues in the house. May have to toss in some purple to go with it!

Custom Lapel Pins said...

I like bag style ....that is very awesome

Anonymous said...

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Bekah Gant said...

I think that the trend toward white appliances will fit in well with Number 2. As cabinets go gray, the appliances lighten up.

Diane James Home said...

I love your trends, especially the jewels tones. I also think the English Country Downton Abbey look will come back - a casual opulence of the roaring 20's.

Anonymous said...

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Ebony said...

Love the jewel tones and mix of pattern trends. I think brass is here to stay and I love it! I think we might see a lot more wall action with wallpapers and other embellishments.

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Nancy said...

I foresee alot of natural elements added, like saddle worn leather, brick flooring, less painted surfaces, more original finishes, i.e. wood.
xo Nancy

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