Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{trendspotting: grey cabinetry}

Well, you know what they say: see something twice and it's coincidence, see it three times and it's a trend! You may remember earlier this year one of the trends I predicted for 2013 was grey and putty in the kitchen. White kitchens have been almost all we've seen for the past decade, and I think that's begun to change. The last couple of years we saw white uppers & dark lowers, and now grey cabinetry is everywhere; kitchens & closets alike!

My favorite examples are on the lighter side, and I'm really digging the warm grays and putty's over the cooler bluer greys. And boy oh boy, when paired with warm metals, swoon!

source unknown
Style at Home; source unknown
And a few closet examples for you ...
So what do you think, are you liking this movement towards grey cabinetry?


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Anonymous said...

Idk, after 4 months of winter I don't think I could look at gray all the time in the kitchen. Love it in the dressing closet though.

The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...

Loving it! Wish I could transform my kitchen into a Windsor Smith wonder...

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I love it in the closets! Feels much warmer than you typical white.

Nancy said...

I am loving this much better than all white anymore... I'd love to paint my kitchen cabs grey, but I haven't convinced my hubby yet.
These are lovely.
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca and Lori said...

Although I love a white kitchen, I think grey is wonderful because it still has a light feel that I love but it isn't a huge commitment like colored kitchens are. You chose some beautiful examples here!


Danielle Hardy said...

My sister installed grey cabinetry in her kitchen when they built and I am in love with it. Love this trend!!!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Yup! This is me in every single pic! beautiful

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