Saturday, March 2, 2013

{welcome march ...}

Happy weekend! Hope all is well with you, I just wanted to pop in and welcome a new month. Spring is in sight everybody, and I for one, simply cannot wait ... bring on the beautiful Vancouver cherry blossoms!!

The fabric I used to create a background in the above graphic is gorgeous isn't it? Get this, it's 100% linen and only $29.95 a yard from Tonic Living. Run, don't walk!
Oh, and it was this little cutie's b-day recently ... Yoki turned 1! Time flies.
She was extremely unimpressed with us trying to put a birthday hat on her head. But cookies made up for it ;)


Seaside Interiors said...

Hi Nancy, I love the pics of your doggy with the party hat on. I came across your site when searching for room with the color Escarpment. You did an amazing job on the room! I'm so glad I found your site, you have a ton of great inspiration photos!!! I am sharing your room pic on my blog tomorrow for the color, so thanks again, Helen

Julie said...

I LOVE tonic living and have order from them before. Great prices and nice quality fabrics. I WILL be getting this fabric, so pretty:) Cute dog too!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Yeay!! Happy Birthday to the cutest puppy ever!

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