Friday, May 3, 2013

{laundry room heaven!}

Seriously? This is a laundry room. Imagine that, making your laundry room the masterpiece of the main-floor! This space, designed by Jamie MacLean and featured in the latest House & Home, caught my eye because it is the exact same layout of my laundry room. Mine however, is a major eye sore! We have yet to renovate in there but it's so nice to see the potential it could have.

Ok seriously, let's talk details here. Marble counters, Calcatta marble herringbone tile floor {die!!}, lucite pulls on the traditional white cabinetry, salvaged white glass panels for architectural details, and those legs on the cabinetry to make it look like furniture! I wish we could see into the little powder room, I want to see what's going on with the details on the floor, and it looks so chic with all that panelling and beautiful sink.
I'm keeping this one in the dream home file for sure. I don't think we will do that big of a reno in our current laundry room, we anticipate moving in the next few years and it might not be in the cards for this place. But believe me, I'll have a HUGE file full of inspiration when I get my hands on my next place!! Happy weekend everyone :)


Debra Rozenman said...

This laundry room is stunning, If I have a room like this I will probably do our laundry all day long...
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Tracey Ayton Photography said...

I love laundry rooms and wish I didn't have to go to the bowels of my house to get to mine. Perhaps one day I'll have one that looks like one of those :) have a great weekend Nancy!

Jenny said...

can't wait to re do my laundry room! it needs some major updating :)

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