Monday, June 17, 2013

{fashion inspiration: the summer romper}

Could you see yourself in a romper this summer? They seem to be just about everywhere, and I'm attracted to the idea of a 1 piece outfit that looks so chic & pulled together! How much easier could it be?

I don't yet own a romper but I think this summer I'm going to give one a try. I'm particularly smitten with the collared Michael Kors version, paired with gold strappy sandals it could be so effortlessly chic :) Will you be giving the romper trend a try? This Friday is the first OFFICIAL day of the summer season!


Julie said...

I was literally just looking at the Old Navy rompers online. Wondering if I could pull wearing them off. Might be worth giving them a try, they look so comfortable and fashionable too.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

I tried one on last year and I have to tell you, they are adorable but better left on the hanger instead of on me :-) One other issue I had with the particular romper I tried on ...... the torso seemed a little short :-/ I would however love to find one that does look like it should. I bet you would look awesome in one!!!!

Kathy Polo said...

LOVE rompers!! I've been looking into a nice one to kick off the summer season.

And I love your taste, I can't take my eyes off of the BCBG romper.


Richele Penner said...

Ooh love these three! I am in need of a romper for summer.. must say i love the first one! Thanks for sharing xo

Tara Dillard said...

My sister, born 1957, was the last class to wear mandatory rompers in P.E. class.

Have not thought of this in decades.

Can't wait to bring it up in a phone call soon !

Just found your blog and am in girl crush!!!

You are an old soul.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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