Thursday, June 13, 2013

{lusting: plug-in wall sconces}

I ADORE the look of chic wall sconces like the one in the gorgeous office of designer Karla Amadatsu above. But sometimes it's not easy to have the electrical set-up to place the sconces wherever your heart desires - enter plug-ins! These handy versions can be placed anywhere an outlet is nearby, perfect for the bedside, library, or flanking the living room sofa:

left: Sarah Richardson, right: unknown
Such a gorgeous look, with relatively no installation hassle! Have you used plug-in wall sconces before? Here are a few that tickle my fancy:
1 / 2
3 / 4 / 5
I am particularly smitten with the black shade/brass number. Wouldn't it be so chic in an office/library setting?
Have a wonderful day everyone, and thank you for stopping by!


Anonymous said...


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Limezinnias Design said...

I love them too and you have curated a great collection!

Dana Frieling said...

I share your affection for the little black shade, but why oh why, must sconces be so expensive?!

Dawna Jones Design said...

Love them all, and what a great idea!

Preciously Me said...

Love those sconces! N° 4 & 5 are my faves!!!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Seriously brilliant. I love the ease of use.

Tamara Thompson said...

I love them too. I purchased 2 from Ikea 2 years ago and have moved and moved them with me!!!! They are the best solution for apartment dwellers and a great option for people like us: designers! When we get tired of where they are, we can move them elsewhere without the commitment. LOVE!

Jo said...

The room to the right of the Sarah Richardson pic is by Nick Olsen and was featured in House Beautiful a year or two ago. It's a 300 sq ft studio in Brooklyn that was done with lots of renter's tricks. Really cute and fun design!

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