Thursday, June 20, 2013

{round entry tables ...}

One of my most favorite foyer looks is the classic round entry table. Where there is room for one, it gives such a grand and beautiful look. I'd top mine with piles of books and a giant blue & white pot filled with orchids. Yum. Here's a round up of some of my favs that I have saved:
left - Nathan Egan; right - Mark D. Sikes
source unknown
left - unknown; right - Decorator Archive
And it doesn't have to be in a MASSIVE entryway - designer Jennifer Dyer accomplished the look with a petit table in her bungalow entry:
This entryway look is on my dream home must-have list, is it on yours?


Lindsey Gerrish said...

These are great. Such a classic look!

designchic said...

We just love the look, and did a similar style in our beach house entry...can't wait until it's finished!! Beautiful inspiration for us today!

Julie said...

this is a look that I've always loved! Oh how amazing it would be to have the space to do this.

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

I'm with you on that one! Can't wait to have an entry big enough for one!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

I have always loved a big foyer and would for sure put a big round table in it with a big tree or plant. Just love this!

Things That Inspire said...

Oh - no way - I was working on a post with this same topic - I went into a house last week that had the perfect round entry table, and all of the sudden I was obsessed with this look!

I might still have to finish my post, if only to show that inspiration table...


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