Thursday, September 26, 2013

{princess margaret lottery home 2013}

The Princess Margaret show home in Oakville, Ontario is once again a stunning feast for the eyes. This time, designer Brian Gluckstein has created a home filled with 7,500 square feet of effortless luxury just steps from Lake Ontario; can you even imagine winning this spectacular abode? {click to enlarge images}

Love that larger-than-life architectural artwork!

Wow, this hallway is a show-stopper, just look at those floors.

Classic Gluckstein design, having a two-floor opening with beautiful iron railing.

Yep, I could fill that closet.

Another classic BG trademark, books in the bathroom! {see more I posted here}. I love it. This is an idea I would steal for my dream home. Brian knows how to do a bathroom, that's for sure.

I don't know, what would you say .... move in ready?? Um yah. If you live in TO and visit this home please tell me your thoughts of it in person!


designlit said...

Love the living area. Anyone would want to live in that kind of home. There are a lot of places you can breathe.

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The enchanted home said...

Great house, more transitional than what I normally go for but its so well the soft color palette!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't look like a home it looks like a furniture show room. The STAGING puts me off. There is nothing personal or warm about the interiors. Ann

My Notting Hill said...

My favorite rooms are the family room and master bath. Beautiful overall. the only thing I find disconcerting is the room w/the railing with the faux book wallpaper. When I look at it I keep thinking it would be so much better, and useful, if they were real bookshelves.

Katy Byrne said...

This is amazing. There's almost too much to comment on. The lighting choices are beautiful (dying over the kitchen pendants), loving the book wallcovering, and the shelving by the bath tub is a great idea. Great post!


Dawna Jones Design said...

I'm dying it's so beautiful, and such a refreshing change from what we have been seeing the past few years.

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