Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{sarah does it again!}

Happy Tuesday! This week is going to be a good one in 'design-land' for me :) First up, Sarah Richardson's new show Real Potential premieres this Thursday, September 19th with back-to-back episodes!! I always love following along with her series so I'm setting my PVR for sure.

And speaking of Sarah, did you happen to see this photo she posted on Facebook last week??
Ok, I admit it doesn't look like much but here is her caption, "Looks like a lot of post it's but it's a book...or it will be eventually. Hard at work with @tommysmythe." Yay! I'll be adding this to my bookshelf, will you? No date set yet but hopefully she will keep us posted :)
And speaking of our beloved Tommy ... I'll have the chance to hear him speak this weekend at the much-anticipated IDSwest show! He is a real crowd pleaser so I'm pretty stoked. Fellow Vancouverites, will you be there??
Have a wonderful day!


Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

I just adore Sarah! I can't wait for her show and her book!!! Also, I'm seeing her speak on Saturday at a blogpodium here in Toronto on Saturday - she is the keynote speaker. I am so excited!!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

I always am smitten by what Sarah does! Finally, she's doing another show. Yay! And yes, I'd love to get her book when it's out. How fun that you're getting to hear Tommy speak!

Dawna Jones Design said...

Love Sarah, such an inspiration! I will be there, hopefully get to see all you girls!!!!!

therelishedroost said...

I cannot wait to meet her this Thursday at 200 Lex in NYC, she is launching her line of fabric..she's so talented!! I bet this show rocks!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Can't wait to see the show ....... oh you lucky thing ..... I don't think I got in to see any speakers .... :-( Have fun!!!

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