Saturday, September 21, 2013

{your help through a vote}

Hi everyone! Happy weekend :)

Just quickly checking in with a shameless plug today ... you see my brother Andrew entered his beautiful song and video into a local talent competition, and he's a handful of votes behind first place (**UPDATE: if you are reading this on Sunday afternoon he is about 250 votes away from 1st place!), he actually has a chance to win! The prize is a chance to be the opening act at a local concert here in Vancouver, which I'm sure you understand is a big deal for young artists!

I thought, who better to ask for help than all of you? The best part is it is SUPER simply to vote, it's literally a box you click on beside his name (Andrew Marcus), that's IT. No signing up or liking a page or anything. Go HERE to vote if you'd like to support him, everyone can vote ONCE A DAY!

And in case you are curious you can click on the image below to actually view his video, it's visually beautiful, and the words and meaning behind the song are so much more. I've actually shared it on the blog a while back; the lyrics describe our conversation with God, and the perfect plans He has for our life.

A huge thank you for your help and support!!



eddielicious said...

There is nothing shameless about promoting and supporting the arts!

Rebecca and Lori said...

Done and done. I'd say, according to the votes, he's got it in the bag! Rightly so, too- beautiful song and I love how all of the musicians slowly came in to have a visual representation of not being alone. Very pretty!

Rebecca and Lori said...

He is so wonderful. Good luck to him:)

Macarena Martínez said...

I really like that song by your Bro. Already voted. Have a lovely Sunday.

Preciously Me said...

You're brother is very talented and has a nice voice!Just voted for him!!!
Have a wonderful weekend ♥

The enchanted home said...

I voted! He is so talented, best of luck to him, you must be so proud!

Amy Walters said...

I remember you posting this song. It was beautiful! Just voted :) Opening up for Mercy Me is a big deal. What a fantastic opportunity. Good luck to your brother!

Monica said...

Beautiful song ...I hope he wins. I am late reading your post and believe the voting is closed since the link did not let me vote.

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