Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{lusting: clothing racks}

Hi everyone! Did you have a good long weekend?

Today I'm lusting for a pretty display of my favorite clothing items in my closet: I adore the idea of a dress rack! Very practical if you have the space for one.



I love the fun display it creates, and my closet is bursting at the seams, so I'm really wishing to implement this idea. I've heard Ikea is a good source (one for $9.99!! You could spray it brass like Christine of Bijou and Boheme did above. Another here for $44.99). Any other racks you've seen around?


Silje said...

I have the one from Ikea, it's a great rack and very affordable:D

Rebecca and Lori said...

Pb teen has one from the Emily & Merritt collection.

Vintage Home said...

I really should make the last one for our market next weekend......hmmm. another job!

jackie jade said...

love this idea too since my closets are tiiiiiny. would be so nice to display some of my fancier pieces.
-- jackie @ jade and oak

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