Monday, November 25, 2013

{erika bearman's southampton home}

You likely know Erika Bearman as OscarPRGirl, the lovely and stylish PR executive for Oscar de la Renta. Following her tumblr account always keeps me inspired by the incredibly intricate and detailed images she shares of the latest de la Renta runway collections, just a little sampling:

Ok, so we know she is the PR and social media queen of fashion - but have you seen her Southampton weekend home? It was designed by Miles Redd and featured in Elle Décor, and it's quite a lovely abode:

Lovely! And yes you read it right, this is a WEEKEND home. Not too shabby. I'd love to see her week-day NY apartment {and particularly the closet}!

Have a great Monday everyone,


designchic said...

Isn't it amazing. I love her style so knew I would love the house, but it blew me away...stunning!!

ob session said...

Stunning - is the right word!

Richele Penner said...

Oh goodness what an incredible place! She is one hip and happening chick!

sharon smith said...

Chic! Youthful! And ultra stylish. Yup, I could move right in.

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