Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{house tour: renovated victorian brownstone}

Ahhh, an 1890's New York renovated Victorian Brownstone, complete with intricate mahogany paneling and stained glass windows ... the stuff dreams are made of. This brownstone was featured on the NY Times site recently and I thought it was one worth sharing:

Gosh, I'd normally be the first one to holler, "paint the wood white!!" ... but isn't the mahogany trim slightly gorgeous? I think what makes it work so well is all the stark white walls and a good amount of natural light. And those windows! They don't make stuff like that any more.

What stands out to you?

3 comments: said...

the whole thing is heaven! I agree I usually go for white trim but in this space it is perfect. All the updated decor also balances it well

Andrea said...

I LOVE that stain glass in the bathroom!!! It is FABULOUS!!! I am with you on the millwork, I would never be able to paint such beautiful trim!!! It would be sacrilegious to do so!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

picking my jaw up off the floor - why don't we make homes like this anymore?

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