Thursday, November 21, 2013

{tommy smythe's latest project}

Mr. Smythe can do no wrong. I am just falling for every one of his projects and every time he publishes it makes me want to see more from him alone!! What a talent. This latest chic & traditional condo was featured in this month's issue of Canadian House & Home, be sure to pick up a copy!

Bahhh, that pair of symmetrical dressers and artwork really makes me swoon. And how chic is the simple fresh garland atop the fireplace?


Already can't wait to see what Tommy will have up his sleeves next time.


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful! What a treat to see. The lighting in particular caught my eye, it's so perfectly selected for each space.

Katy Byrne said...

Really pretty. Loving the micro chevron rug and that three piece coffee table.


Britt Douglas said...

Gorgeous!!! My Smythe really can't do much wrong :) Love the colour palettes and the fabrics(!!) - thankyou so much for sharing! xo

Simply Modern Home said...

I adore Tommy and everything he does. Incredible talent....and SOOO FUNNY!!!

Cara said...

So beautiful! Usually love bookshelves and a built in look around fireplace but so loving this look instead!

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