Monday, March 17, 2014

{a favorite furnishing: the borne settee}

Hi everyone! Happy new week :) I'm starting off the week with a highlight on a piece that I am ::still:: lusting over. I must own one eventually. I don't know how or where - but it's on my personal must-have list. I think it's the perfect look for an entry or perhaps a giant walk in closet. Yum.

Tory Burch
Love the look of the vintage versions - and especially the twist on the round settee in the right image, perfect if you don't have the space to place it away from the wall!
Trianon Palace - Versailles
Massucco Warner Miller; source unknown
Windsor Smith; source unknown
My love affair with this piece is far from over! How about you, what pieces of furniture are on your personal must-have list?

6 comments: said...

so beautiful! love them!

Vintage Home said...

wow just so much to love about these pieces! The sense of opulent comfort and glamour!
Thanks for the visual treat!
Have a great week, looking forward to the Spring Break here!
And dont we need sun!...its coming!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Fabulous! Love keeping up with all your posts! Have a fantastic week!
Love, Jamie Herzlinger

I Like It Lovely said...

I adore settees. I always want to add one to any of my designs- definitely a must have to any design!

Tammie Burton said...

It would be hard to pick just one; pale blue, green, pink! Decisions, decisions!! Have a wonderful week!

Stacy Auer said...

I love this post! Just beautiful images of the settees! I am currently obsessed with the piece that is called tete-e-tete. I love the idea of a couch that two people can lounge in perhaps in front of a fire and read and face one another. I only wish I could find one that was not $5,000

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