Monday, March 10, 2014

{fashion inspiration: oversized coats}

Happy new week everyone!! I know most of us lost an hour of sleep this weekend - but just think about how wonderful it's going to feel when it's so much brighter late in the evenings! I for one am looking forward to that change.

So, have you noticed all the oversized coats everywhere lately? How do you like this trend? Here are some lovely examples for you:

Mira Duma

left; Audrey Hepburn

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
So after seeing these pretty coats everywhere I turned, I decided to give the style a try. You may remember I posted on pink coats a while back, which cemented my obsession, so I purchased J. Crew's cocoon coat in Gossamer Peach. Truth be told once I received it I was so unsure, I think it is because I'm so not used to a larger cut, I was worried it was swallowing my 5 foot 1.5" petite frame! But after posting the below images on my Instagram account, you convinced me that it simply requires a mental adjustment, so I decided to keep it. Gotta say, it is so comfy and cozy, and I'm thrilled I took your advice!
Have you considered this style of coat?

4 comments: said...

Hi Nancy I've been loving your blog from down under for quite a while now but I need your help. You posted a fantastic kitchen in the last year that you loved because they knocked out a wall to open the lounge/kitchen space but had to keep 2 retaining walls either side of the bench that made it difficult. The final result was gorgeous but I can't find it anywhere on your site. Could you please refresh my memory as to what month or tittle you gave that post if you can remember please. Thanks a million times. I'll send you some before/after shots! Cheers gabby

Katy Byrne said...

Glad you kept it! Such a pretty coat

Andrea said...

I love the oversize coat look, but you have to have the petit frame, or it just doesn't look good, especially on us big boned gals!!! I am glad you kept the J.Crew coat. IT does look good on you!!! :-)

Marcus Design said...

Hi Gabby! That kitchen that I think you are referring to was by Sarah Richardson, check this post here:

Let me know if that's the one! X

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