Friday, June 13, 2014

{the modern telephone at downton abbey}

To my fellow Downton Abbey enthusiasts, the above photos represent the arrival and installation of telephone service in 1914. Classic, iconic versions of the telephone that blended perfectly with the accurately dated details of the elaborate sets and costumes.

Now, take a little peek at the adorably cheeky photos below; Downton's actors caught candidly on their 21st century iPhones in between filming. It seems so unfitting, so out of place, and possibly gives us a glimpse at what our modern technologies would have looked like had they existed in that time.

How strangely captivating and enchanting! Hope you have a lovely weekend my friends :)


Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

I love these photos! I don't watch the show but I definitely need to! The costuming is perfection.

Barbara Matson said...

I love this! I LOVE that show, so I find this so hilarious!

Monica said...

How wonderful so see this!! We truly have come a long way I can only imagine what the next 30 years will bring. I say 30 since it has been 30 years since I graduated from HS. Never could I dream what we use daily in our lives.

Katy Byrne said...

These are so cute!

Amanda MacLeod said...

Love this!

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