Tuesday, August 26, 2014

House Tour | Palmer Weiss

One of the latest projects from the fabulous designer Palmer Weiss, is bright and bold and full of chic details. I'm particularly in love with the panelled blue & white entry way:


Wowee! That's a lovely home, the finishes are classic & sophisticated, and the color keeps it fresh and fun. And how about that gorgeous bathroom cabinetry? See more from Palmer Weiss' portfolio here.


Anonymous said...

Long time lurker - first time poster. LOVE your site and have gotten much design inspiration from viewing your blog.

Have to say that this Palmer Weiss designed space is TOO trendy. It seems to contain every design trend for the years 2010-14.

Seems that really good design will stand the test of time and to remain fresh, would only require relatively minor updates (e.g., paint, re-upholstering, replacing or removing more trendy pieces). This space would require removing everything in order to move the design into the next trend du-jour.

Gina from The Midwest

Ketty henry said...
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Ketty henry said...

Wow...... Love this house.According to me everything is just perfect. Interior, bathroom, paint, lights just everything.

Property Buyer

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