Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Fashion | Just Add Plaid

We are all gearing up for the transition into fall fashion - and with autumn comes all things plaid and tartan! I love this look both dressed up or dressed down. A coat, a shirt, pants or a skirt, plaid will add a luxe look to your fall wardrobe:
Olivia Palermo
left: unknown | right: Wendy's Lookbook
Mix 2 tartan prints, like this scarf and blazer, for a lovely layered look:
Oh, and don't forget LEOPARD! Together with plaid, it's a deadly combination:
What fall fashions have you excited? I'm loving this tartan look and will definitely add a dose to my work wardrobe this season! Have a great Thursday,


Beauty Follower said...

As I can see
the plaid trend form last years
continues in this one too!

Anonymous said...

Do you know where the leather pants, grey sweater and plaid scarf from from?

Anonymous said...

Where is that plaid scarf in 4th picture with the gold watch from? Please tell me! I need that scarf!

Marcus Design said...

Hi Anonymous - Unfortunately I do not have the source for that plaid scarf - what you can do is do a google search for the image (drop the image into the google toolbar) and try to find the original source. My apologies!

Nancy x

Anonymous said...

There's a similar plaid scarf at Mango's.

Natia dubé said...

The scarf is from Garage clothing. :)

Toocutedobs said...

Warning! Note the red plaid leggings have seams where the pattern does not match. A sign of poor workmanship. Quality made clothing will match plaid or other patterns at the seams.

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