Monday, October 27, 2014

A Fresh New Look

Hello my friends! Welcome back, my sincere apologies for being 'missing in action' last week - we were busy cleaning up the blog & getting gussied up with a fabulous new look! I hope you like it, take a look around, things should be a bit sleeker and hopefully easier to find around here.

And on that note, I would love to start the week off by getting some feedback from all of my friends out there (that means YOU!). I've been keeping pretty regular with a few select post series on this blog, but I'd really love to take this opportunity to ask you what you would like to see a little more of, and what you would like to see a little less of. Here are 4 features that are currently pretty regular around here:

1. D E S I G N E R  P R O F I L E S - I love to find hidden gems, designers you may not have come across in other sources, and show you their fabulous work to inspire you! This is one of my favorite features on this blog.

2. H O U S E  T O U R S - I love to post any home that blows my socks off, hoping that it will blow yours off too of course ;) This also ends up meaning my blog is a bit of an extension of my Pinboards, a real archive of my favorite places & spaces.

3. F A S H I O N  I N S P I R A T I O N - Let's be honest, this is mainly a décor blog, but most of us that are interested in all-things-visually-pleasing are usually interested in personal style. I'm by no means an expert of any sort, but I love to share with you what I see trending each season.

4. A R T I S T  P O R T F O L I O - This feature is a bit newer, but I'm excited to bring you a bit more from the art world, after all - a home doesn't have a soul without artwork!! I'm a sucker for realism, as you can tell from these first couple of entries:

So what are your thoughts? Any of these you would like to see more often, or perhaps less often? Anything else you would like to see added? I would absolutely love your feedback! Any if you find anything more or less easy to maneuver around the blog, I'd love to hear that too, thank you in advance!

And last but not least, I'd love to give a shout out to the fabulously talented Brittany Douglas of Gallery No. Eight. She did all the hard work of getting this up and running for me; thank you Britt!

She's got a fantastic portfolio, blog, and instagram account - if you on the market for a blog makeover be sure to check her out and you can thank me later!



Tracy said...

I am a huge fan. I find your work well curated and love that you rotate posts around your 4 themes. I enjoy each of your themes and, if forced, would rank them as listed in your post. Love the fresh look!

Yolonda J. Washington // Style Fragment said...

Good updates. Keep doing what you're doing...I enjoy it all.

Segreto Finishes said...

I can't get over Michael Zavros' amazing work!! And the gallery wall is perfection!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Ebony said...

Love the Designer Profiles and House Tours. I would love to see more of your work!

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