Thursday, October 2, 2014

Olivia's Top Ten Fashion Week Looks

I'm a real sucker for Fashion Week; I love to follow along and see all the looks coming from New York, London, Paris, & Milan. I particularly love to follow the looks of some of fashions heavy-hitters. Enter Olivia Palermo; one of the industries adored it-girls and notorious front-row resident. Here are my 10 favorite looks OP stepped out in these past few weeks:

10. T H E  G R I D  C H L O E  D R E S S

9. D E N I M  H E A D - T O - T O E

8. T H E  T E C H N I C O L O R  C O A T

7. L O N G  B E L T E D  S C A R F

6. P E P L U M  P R E T T Y

5. L E A T H E R  W R A P  D R E S S

4. T R A N S L U C E N T  S L E E V E S

3. A U T U M N  O X B L O O D

2. S H O R T S  F O R  F A L L

1. G R E Y  W I T H  A  P O P

So what do you think - does OP deserve the title of fashion-muse? I think this is one clever & savvy woman - in the look above she's managed to create so much interest just by exposing her orange sleeves under an all-grey coat! Love that look. What have been your favorite fashion week highlights?

If you are loving these looks, be sure to check out my Pin Board dedicated to all-things-OP!


Segreto Finishes said...

Olivia has impeccable style!! Thanks for sharing!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Julie said...

She's so fantastic! I saw a similar denim skirt at Gap the other day and almost bought it because of her!

Tammie Burton said...

Oh to have Olivia's closet!! She looks great in everything!

Becca | In My Humble Opinion said...

Oh my, that wrap dress with those strappy heels is amazing!

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